Kaley Cuoco, known for her role in The Big Bang Theory, is grieving the loss of her beloved chihuahua, Dump Truck, who sadly passed away recently. In an emotional tribute shared on Instagram, the 37-year-old actress expressed her deep sadness over the loss of the elderly chihuahua she had adopted during the pandemic.

Cuoco wrote on Instagram, ‘”A dog is the only thing on earth, that loves you more than he loves himself,” wrote Cuoco, quoting 19-century writer Josh Billings. ‘My sweetest Dump Truck, saying goodbye to you has deeply pierced my soul.’

‘You brought endless joy to everyone that met you, and kissed my nose when I needed it most,’ she added.

‘You were as special as it gets and I’m so grateful we found each-other. Please tell Norman I miss him every day and will cherish you both forever.’

Cuoco expressed her gratitude for the special bond they had and mentioned Norman, another dog she had lost, asking Dump Truck to deliver her love to him. The heartfelt tribute prompted an outpouring of love and support from Kaley’s friends in Hollywood, with Lisa Rinna, Taylor Lautner, and Lacey Chabert offering their condolences.

‘Oh it’s so sad it’s always so so sad,’ said Lisa Rinna. ‘Sending love and strength ❤️.’

‘So so sorry you guys ❤️,’ commented Taylor Lautner, Mean Girls star Lacey Chabert wrote: ‘I’m so sorry. Huge hugs to you guys.’

Kaley Cuoco is an ardent animal lover and an avid equestrian, with a pack of rescue dogs in Malibu. She fostered Dump Truck in 2020 and decided to make him a permanent member of her family when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Sadly, Dump Truck’s passing comes two months after Kaley and her partner, Tom Pelphrey, adopted another elderly chihuahua named Opal.

In March, Cuoco shared a photo of herself cuddling Opal, expressing her gratitude to the rescue organization and foster for bringing this new angel into their lives. The actress’s pets have been a source of comfort and companionship throughout the past year as she has experienced personal growth with her relationship and the joy of motherhood.

However, Kaley faced a heartbreaking loss in 2021 when her beloved companion, Norman, passed away. Reflecting on the pain she felt, she shared a tribute on Instagram, describing the deep grief and the special connection they shared during their 14 years together.

Norman will always hold a special place in Kaley’s heart, and now, she mourns the loss of Dump Truck, cherishing the memories they created during their time together. Their love and companionship will forever be treasured.