Recently, the world’s oldest verified living resident turned 117.

Emma Morano of Vercelli, Italy traces her birth date to November 29, 1899. Guiness World Records reports she has become the last surviving person known to have lived during the 1800s.

As a teenager, she lived through the First World War. She witnessed a multitude of changes during the Twentieth Century and the early Twenty-First Century.

Just this year, Emma Morano became the oldest surviving person on Earth following the passing of a New York resident named Susannah Mushatt Jones, who lived just six days over the age of 116.5 years. She died on May 12, 2016.

The longest living documented person in history, a French woman named Jeanne Calment, reached the age of 122 years and 164 days. She passed away in 1997. Many people have asked Emma Morano about her lifestyle.

They’d like to know if she harbors any secrets for longevity? Her response would probably surprise most modern nutritionists.

She recently reported since the age of 20, she has subsisted on a simple diet of two eggs daily, supplemented by a few cookies. She noted she eats very little and has problems chewing food because she now lacks teeth!