In a recent display of holiday festivities, First Lady Jill Biden unveiled an unconventional Christmas video that has left social media abuzz and ignited a storm of contrasting opinions. The White House’s annual Christmas video, featuring an avant-garde tap dance performance set to Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn’s interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite,” has polarized audiences.

Critics of the production have dubbed it the “Hunger Games aesthetic,” claiming it veers away from traditional holiday themes. They argue that it comes across as “tacky” and “tasteless.” Some have even gone as far as comparing it to the dystopian world of “Clockwork Orange,” with one commenter humorously suggesting, “Disney presents clockwork Orange.”

This daring artistic statement has raised questions about the direction in which the First Lady intends to steer White House holiday traditions. The video features sequined dancers in elaborate headdresses gracefully tapping their way through the White House, adorned with candy cane columns and Nutcracker-inspired decor.

While Jill Biden described the production as an embodiment of “magic, wonder, and joy,” not everyone shares her sentiment. Critics fondly recall former First Lady Melania Trump’s 2020 patriotic-themed Christmas video, which they found more aligned with traditional values and aesthetics.

One commenter passionately expressed their disappointment, saying, “How utterly tacky, tasteless and ANTI Christmas. Melania’s was tasteful, seasonal, appealed to everyone, and was absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous.”

The contrasting opinions don’t end there. Some viewers have drawn parallels between the video’s technicolor visuals and the unsettling ambiance of a dystopian film. Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway joined the fray, criticizing the First Lady’s “Hunger Games Capital District Christmas approach.”

The production’s avant-garde nature has also led to speculation about mind-altering substances playing a role in its creation, with references made to a bag of cocaine reportedly found in the West Wing over the summer. One commenter humorously quipped, “Looks like the WH switched from cocaine to acid.”

Amidst the criticism, there are those who appreciate the video’s artistic merit. Notably, it does not feature First Lady Jill Biden or President Joe Biden, focusing instead on the creative talents of New York City tap company Dorrance Dance.

One admirer praised the video, saying, “Totally love it, Ms. Biden, as much as we have shown the love for your playful creative side and arts.”

However, many have expressed a preference for a more traditional presentation of the classic holiday ballet, believing that “The Nutcracker Suite deserves better.”

Dorrance Dance, the tap company behind the controversial performance, describes tap dance as a “subversive” art form rooted in protest and transcendence. Their goal is to engage audiences on a musical and emotional level while sharing the complex history and powerful legacy of this American art form.

In the midst of this spirited debate, one thing is clear: the White House’s holiday celebrations have taken a unique turn under the Biden administration, leaving many to ponder the future direction of this cherished tradition.

As opinions continue to clash, it remains to be seen whether the “Hunger Games” aesthetic will become a defining element of White House Christmas celebrations or if the call for more traditional themes will prevail. Regardless, this year’s Christmas video has certainly ignited a passionate dialogue surrounding the intersection of art, tradition, and holiday festivities.