When it comes to deserving recognition during the prestigious Academy Awards celebration, few actors in Hollywood can match the talent and versatility of Jamie Lee Curtis. At 64 years old, this remarkable actress has portrayed diverse roles across various genres, proving her exceptional range. Recently, while speaking on the Today show about her well-deserved Best Supporting Actress win, Jamie Lee Curtis became overwhelmed with emotion as she made an important announcement: she would be referring to her Oscar statue using gender-neutral pronouns, “they” and “them,” as a tribute to her transgender daughter, Ruby.

Curtis’s remarkable performance in “Everything Everywhere All at Once” earned her the Best Supporting Actress award. A few days after her momentous victory, during an early-morning appearance on the Today show, Curtis couldn’t hold back her tears. Speaking to hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, she revealed that it was the first time she had witnessed herself accepting the prestigious Academy Award on television.

“I hadn’t watched that,” she said, her voice trembling as she wiped away tears. “So, that was the first time I’ve seen it.”

As the interview progressed, Jamie Lee Curtis proudly lifted her Oscar statue, showing it to the camera via a video link from Los Angeles. She then expressed her belief that the statue should not be considered male but rather non-binary. In honor of her daughter’s transgender journey, she chose to use the pronouns “they” and “them” when referring to her Oscar.

“Here they are!” she exclaimed, gently caressing the award and pressing it against her face. “In support of my daughter Ruby, I will be using the pronouns ‘they/them’ for my Oscar. I’ll simply refer to it as ‘them.’ And they are doing wonderfully. They are settling in.”

Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband, Christopher Guest, share two children. In July 2021, this loving mother openly shared that her daughter Ruby had embraced her identity as a transgender woman. During a conversation with AARP magazine, Curtis expressed the profound sense of wonder and pride she experienced as her son transformed into her daughter Ruby.

Following her recent triumph, Curtis spoke to reporters backstage about the need for gender-neutral categories in the acting industry. She expressed her desire to witness a significant increase in the number of women nominated, thereby achieving gender parity across all areas and branches. However, she acknowledged the complex nature of inclusivity, particularly in the context of binary choices. As the mother of a trans daughter, Curtis empathetically grasps the challenges inherent in accommodating diverse identities.

Nevertheless, she cautioned against an immediate elimination of gendered categories, as it could potentially result in a disproportionate number of male winners. Curtis believes that striking a balance is vital to ensure opportunities for both women and individuals of all gender identities.

“It’s a complicated question,” she reflected. “While we strive for inclusivity and increased recognition for women, we must also consider how we can make room for everyone when faced with binary choices. As difficult as it may be, inclusivity remains paramount.”

In a time where representation and equality are crucial, Jamie Lee Curtis stands as an advocate for progress. Her unwavering support for her daughter and dedication to fostering inclusivity and gender parity in the entertainment industry set an inspiring example for others to follow.