You’ve probably seen sand dollars along the beach, but seeing one that is alive is a real treat for many people.

These are small white discs that almost look like a flower. You can usually find them in souvenir shops at the beach. The sand dollar is actually a remnant of an organism that lives in the ocean. The organism is related to the sea urchin.

Researchers believe that sand dollars are in the same family as starfish and sea cucumbers. When you see the objects on the sand, it’s sometimes hard to think that they were a part of a living thing. A recent television show goes behind the scenes with the sand dollar to show viewers what they look like before they are simple inanimate objects. When you see a dead dollar, it has grooves along one side.

One that is living has an almost black color as its skin as the sand dollar lives on small organisms that rest on the bottom of the ocean floor.

The dollar will move these small items to its mouth in the center of the organism. There isn’t really any harm done to the sand dollar when it’s held or to the person holding it, but it does tend to have a slimy feeling as it does spend it’s day in the water.