Mothers know when their children are in pain, and they will do anything to protect their children. They will also make sure that their children are protected from harm. Clarabelle is a milk cow.

She knows that her calves can be taken from her at any time. The female cow was taken to an animal sanctuary where she developed a relationship with one of the people who work there. In 2014, she was on her way to be butchered, but instead, she was saved from the knife. She had been raised to continue having babies on a regular basis so that she would keep giving milk. Each time Clarabelle had a baby, it would be taken from her.

The males were killed while the females were raised to go through the same cycle. Clarabelle soon became old and just couldn’t have babies any longer.

Since she was no use to the dairy farm, she was selected to be sent to the butcher. A non-profit sanctuary took Clarabelle so that she wouldn’t be killed.

Everyone at the non-profit immediately took to Clarabelle, and she is now living a life of relaxation while being treated like a member of the family to live out her final years.

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