Thousands of contestants have walked the Wheel of Fortunate over its decades on the air. However, a recent contestant may go down in Wheel of Fortune history as making one of the worst guesses ever when he appeared on the program last week. Matt had just guessed a letter correctly, giving him an upper hand on the board, but then he utilized his creativity to come up with an answer so absurd that it will undoubtedly be remembered for the rest of The Game’s popularity.

Matt blurted out his solution to the problem, even though the second word began with the letter N. He is known for saying, “The Best Buttercup,” despite the fact that there was no possibility that his answer was the correct solution to the puzzle on display. Some viewers were unsure whether Matt said “Buttercup” or “Buttercut,” but it’s irrelevant. His suggested remedy will go down in Wheel of Fortune history as one of the most unusual answers given on-air.

Host Pat Sajak’s disapproval of the contestant’s poor selection was clearly visible from off-camera. He humorously remarked, “Uh, no. Oddly enough, no.”

Matt got the first word of the riddle correct, “The.” However, the rest of it was horribly wrong. The solution was “The Next Generation,” which has nothing in common with “The Best Buttercup,” as Matt believed.

Despite his ludicrous claim on this riddle, Matt did extremely well during the game. He was declared the winner and walked away with a substantial sum of money as a result. This was clearly a fluke, showing whether he’s an excellent or terrible player. Perhaps part of the reason he was able to achieve success and win on the show is that he was allowed to take chances and express himself freely – even when it wasn’t the right answer.

Hundreds of Twitter users were quick to react to Matt’s amazing guess.

“The best buttercup? #wheeloffortune @patsajak, how did you not crack up laughing or make one of your hilarious faces?”

“‘The best buttercup’ sounds like something a person might say when the anesthesia wears off. #WheelOfFortune”

“The man on the right just guessed “the next butter cut,” and I’m in stitches @WheelofFortune, please tweet the clip!”

“Did this dude really say ‘the best buttercup?’”

In a few tweets, others chimed in with their astonishment.

“What I’m equally as confused about is how does this guy have 9,900 bucks so far? I suppose any monkey could pick out a letter.”

“Wheel of fortune is getting dummer (sic). The category is people you’d think it would b someone, but the next generation is not people.”

“He knows the next generation is butter cut, mad soft.”

“And to top it all off, the poor souls (those contestants) that got beat by this guy, Matt. Well, shoot, he actually won the entire game! Bahahaha!!”

What are your thoughts regarding this terrible Wheel of Fortune guess?