On Thursday, Chinese officials announced that wings of frozen chicken from Brazil tested positive for coronavirus. One of the deadliest viruses that have affected the world for more than seven months now. The virus has become a pandemic, given that it has no cure. The infected chicken was found in Shenzhen’s town during the regular screenings and inspection of imported seafood and meat. This practice started in June, and the city officials disclosed the information in a notice. Such screening was implemented after the outbreak of coronavirus in the town of Wuhan, Beijing. This follows a report that the virus was linked to the various seafood market. Coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan after Chinese officials conveyed the information to the World Health Organization that they had an issue with a virus that caused some signs and symptoms of pneumonia. This was quickly discovered that it was coronavirus that rapidly spread in Wuhan and outside around the world.

The virus is common in animals, and it evolves in multiple forms that infect human beings. According to scientists, the virus first jumped to human beings in December 2019. At first, it seemed like the virus-infected individuals involved with the seafood market in Wuhan. However, another report states that the first patient did not have contact with the seafood market. In this case, the implication is that there is no clear information indicating the origin of the outbreak and its source. Up to date, it is not clear the kind of animal or bird the virus originated from. However, analysis concerning the genetic sequence of the virus is more than 96 percent identical to coronavirus in bats. The virus has now spread all over the globe. It is not clear how it is getting to every animal and even birds like chicken.

Following the fact that the chicken tested positive for coronavirus, people who came into contact with the chicken wings and other food products stored next to the batch were tested by the relevant health authorities in Shenzhen. Fortunately, the results for the tested individuals came out negative. Notably, China is in a panic regarding the virus, and health authorities are alert. Seafood alongside other food products must be tested for coronavirus before consumption. On Wednesday, China released another report that the virus was found on shrimp imported from Ecuador. This is a clear indication that the virus is now in every part of the world. Every nation needs to be alert on the importation and exportation of food products. Food products must be tested and declared fit for human consumption. Coronavirus has robbed more than 749,000 lives across the world. The virus has had adverse impacts across the globe apart from killing people; it has led to the fall of the economy.