Articles of impeachment have been filed against President Biden by a small group of Republicans in the House of Representatives. Reasons for filing the articles include the way President Biden handled the situation with Afghanistan and how he is handling the immigrants along the Mexico border. The effort is being led by Rep. Bob Gibbs of Ohio. Details in the articles claim that President Biden has violated the oath that he took when he was elected and when he was sworn into office. The articles were only recently filed, but there has been support gained among other Republicans in the House. Gibbs noted on his Facebook page the reasons why he decided to file for impeachment along with assistance from co-sponsors Rep. Andy Biggs and Rep. Brian Babin.

Many believe that President Biden has neglected the situation that’s taking place along the southern border and that he’s not doing anything to try to stop immigrants from getting into the United States. He’s tried to extend an eviction moratorium in the country even after the Supreme Court has given a warning that it can’t be done and after he has made statements that he is unable to extend it on his own. Details in the article claim that President Biden has performed actions that violate any of the separations of powers that are present in the country. There have been possibly thousands of immigrants who have come into the United States without going before any kind of court and without giving them a date for going before a court in order to obtain their status in a legal manner. Another detail in the articles is that migrants have been allowed to stay even after testing positive for COVID.

The way that President Biden completed the withdrawal from Afghanistan is another reason that the impeachment articles have been filed. Members of the military were pulled before American civilians, which meant that there were people left in Afghanistan who were in immediate danger directly because of his actions. During the pullout, billions of dollars of equipment were also left in the country, which meant that the Taliban could use the equipment against Americans who were left behind as well as citizens of Afghanistan. It’s believed that President Biden left items in the country that would eventually be in control of a terroristic group, which then creates a weakness for the United States to deal with the Global War on Terror. Filing the articles isn’t something that was done lightly. It was carefully thought out and was pushed over the edge after the incident with Afghanistan. This is the second time President Biden has had impeachment articles filed against him. He had articles filed on the same day he was sworn into office by Rep. Marjorie Greene. This will probably be difficult to uphold in a Congress that’s controlled by Democrats, but the 2022 election could change that.