A team of researchers working at the University of Florida has found substantial evidence that energy drink consumption can lead to deteriorated heart health.
Their claims come in the wake of a paper they recently published in which they detail the story of a man who was a mere 28 years old when he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, irregular heart rhythm, and elevated ventricular activity. The man was not yet 30 years old, yet he was suffering from a heart condition that generally affects much older patients. The man admitted to doctors that he drank two or three beers every day, along with two Monster energy drinks. After the young man received treatment for his heart condition, he changed his lifestyle to remove those unhealthy habits, and within a year his heart had returned to normal.

He claims there are no continuing symptoms and that he is healthier than ever. The researchers at the University of Florida believe that the Monster energy drinks played a pivotal role in the health of the young man. Each Monster energy drink contains about 160mg of caffeine. That’s roughly four times the amount in a cup of coffee, and this man was drinking two per day.

When combined with other additives in the energy drinks, the negative effects are only worsened. The paper published by the University of Florida was not meant to show a solid link between drinking energy drinks and the presence of heart issues, but medical experts should consider the potential for a relationship between the two elements.

Energy drinks are not suited for all people to consume. They contain anywhere from 50-250mg of caffeine, which is an enormous amount if you drink a few in a row. Energy drinks also have a lot of dycoregenic sugar and preservatives that can be detrimental to your health.

Energy drinks are marketed as serving some kind of need, but according to the Mayo Clinic,”energy drinks do provide a temporary boost from caffeine.” However, this increase in energy will come with one necessary trade-off: increased anxiety and irritability along with sleep problems—something many consumers don’t realize or factor into their consumption habits on regular basis.

If you live on high levels of stimulants regularly then it only makes sense that eventually it will take its toll. Your body is not meant for this kind of consumption and the result will be a severe dependency on energy drinks just to get through your day. For normal or casual consumers, you might want to cut down and focus on finding other ways to relax and rejuvenate yourself rather than using caffeine-related products.

Caffeine consumption in the form of energy drinks has been associated with a number of negative side effects, including anxiety and higher levels of stress.

You know that saying, “you become your habits,” or “I’m a creature of habit,” or something along those lines? Well, if you’re going to drink energy drinks regularly then you’re going to end up with some bad habits. These include, but are not limited to:

Increased Anxiety Bad Sleeping Patterns (or lack there of) High Stress Levels, Insomnia.

Regular caffeine consumption has been “shown to have both desirable and undesirable effects.” These are typically more pronounced in habitual consumers, which is why it’s important for casual drinkers to take note of this point.

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