Sinead O’Connor hits the media again with her controversial comments. At 23, she gained international fame when she gave her rendition of a Prince song, “Nothing Compares 2 U.” Soon after that her songs became Grammy Award winners. She was a noted pop artist and even her shaved head drew attention to her onstage performances and her beauty. Today, decades later Sinead O’Connor now known as Shunada Davitt makes the news again. O’Connor converted to Islam a few years ago and changed her name to Shunada Davitt. In a recent Tweet, she wrote that she never wanted to spend time with white people again. For many of her fans or ex-fans, the comment rubbed the wrong way because she is white herself. But let’s analyze the tweet a little further.

In her tweet, O’Connor said, “I am so sorry. This may sound racist but my soul feels it. She continued to write, I don’t ever want to spend time with white people again.” Many people took this comment to mean people who are non-muslim. But she went a little further with the derogatory comment and said, “not ever, not for a single moment. Not for any reason.”
Davitt as O’Connor now calls herself thought that Twitter might ban her post which means she probably realized how racist it really was. There is nothing really great about an opinion that uses race or defines the value of a few people by giving them a standard overall opinion. O’Connor has not stopped shocking her fans. She just recently let the cat out of the bag about her conversion to Islam which shocked most of her fans. she announced her conversion via social media just over a month ago. Now she seems to embrace the Muslim way of life so much that she has started slamming her own race.

The thing of is, Muslims are not happy with the claims and are starting to chastise her from making these comments in the name of Islam. Some of the comments are very opinionated. the go something like this, “You convert to Islam and now you don’t want to spend time with your own people? You are an embarrassment to Muslim beliefs. Other comments are just as bad. “You are white.” says another user. Putting on a hijab does not make you brown or Muslim. So stop generalizing your population. Davitt has had serious mental health issues for a number of years. To the media, she has disclosed mental abuse and sexual abuse from her mother, and it seems this has had an adverse effect on her life. In 2016 when she lost custody of her teenage son, she posted a video to social media where she planned on killing herself, and now she has announced her Muslim conversion and her hate of white people. Sinead O’Connor has always led a very controversial life and posts many of her outrageous beliefs and ideas on social media.