Leonel Moreno, the Venezuelan illegal immigrant, whose TikTok presence spurred others to exploit America’s squatters’ rights laws, found himself in the hands of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. The Detroit field office of ICE announced Moreno’s arrest after he was apprehended by ICE’s fugitive ops team in Gahanna, Ohio.

According to reports by Fox News Digital, Moreno’s journey into the United States began in April 2022, where he was enrolled in the Border Patrol’s Alternatives to Detention program, only to abscond shortly after. The New York Post similarly reported that Moreno failed to comply with the program’s requirements, prompting his arrest in Gahanna.

John Fabbricatore, a former ICE field office director, condemned Moreno’s actions, highlighting the flaws in the Alternatives to Detention program. He questioned the program’s effectiveness, noting how individuals like Moreno exploit it to evade accountability and continue breaking the law.

Moreno’s notoriety stems from his TikTok videos where he shamelessly advocated for squatting in American homes, boasting about exploiting legal loopholes. In one video, he brazenly discussed seizing unoccupied houses, revealing his disdain for hardworking individuals while glorifying his own laziness.

In another alarming video, Moreno mocked honest citizens who work tirelessly to earn a living, contrasting their efforts with his lazy exploits. His audacity in flaunting his criminal behavior demonstrates a blatant disregard for American laws and values.

Watch Moreno here:

This arrest sheds light on a larger issue at hand. The failure of programs like Alternatives to Detention underscores the Biden administration’s inability to address illegal immigration effectively. Moreno’s case is just one example of individuals taking advantage of lax policies, further exacerbating the crisis at the border.

The repercussions of Moreno’s actions extend beyond mere trespassing. By encouraging others to exploit squatters’ rights laws, he contributes to the erosion of property rights and the destabilization of communities across America. Such brazen disregard for the law cannot be tolerated, and Moreno’s arrest sends a clear message that those who seek to undermine American values will be held accountable.

As the debate over immigration reform rages on, incidents like Moreno’s arrest highlight the urgent need for comprehensive solutions. The Biden administration must prioritize border security and enforce immigration laws to prevent further exploitation by individuals like Moreno.

In conclusion, Moreno’s arrest serves as a reminder of the urgent need for robust immigration policies that prioritize the safety and security of American citizens. It’s time for decisive action to address the loopholes that enable individuals like Moreno to undermine the rule of law. Only through vigilant enforcement and meaningful reform can we safeguard our borders and uphold the integrity of our nation.