Having children is as essential to a woman as it is to a man. That is why most couples who marry and reside together immediately decide to have their own. Some are blessed with children right away, while others wait years.

There are numerous causes why a marriage may not conceive. Regardless, they should collaborate and strive to comprehend one another’s circumstances.

Some men would be by their wives’ sides no matter what the problem is. However, when this guy learned that his wife had a medical condition that might prevent them from having any children, he had a strong reaction.

When his 32-year-old wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, one Reddit user took to the site to discuss how he felt. Some guys would be disheartened but would still support their wives. But this guy reacted differently.

He said that he had been contacted by the local hospital. His wife drove herself to the hospital since she was suffering from excruciating pelvic pain, according to him. He had been gone for days on a business trip, but he returned just in time before she awoke the next day. When she woke up, her doctor came into the room. She requested that he remain with her and he agreed.

The doctor took a deep breath before informing them both that she has ovarian cancer, according to the transvaginal ultrasound and CT scan findings. He said, “My wife starts sobbing but at first, I stay still because I don’t even know what to make of it.”

He continued writing, “My wife asks what that means for her and he says that she’ll likely at least need a full hysterectomy, and they’d have to remove the Fallopian tubes as well as the ovaries.”

It’s feasible that he was unable to hear because he has hearing issues. It must be a lot more difficult for her if it was difficult for him to listen. They are a young couple, and this might suggest that their efforts to start their own family are in danger. He stated that he felt enraged rather than terrified instead of feeling afraid.

He stated, “That news jolted me from my chair. Because the doctor was effectively telling me that she wouldn’t be able to have kids after this, and after years of work, I thought we’d finally have a family.

I’m overwhelmed with emotions of anger, not just anger at the disease, but pent up anger [from] the fact that I had begged her to have kids since we were 26, but she refused for her career. ”

“And now instead of becoming a real family, I didn’t even know if she would remain the woman I married, whether the last picture of us together would be last time I’d remember her looking beautiful, young, and carefree. Because the wife I [had] in front of me was already a different person.”

Yes, he was certain that something like this would not befall them. Everything appeared to revolve on his feelings and the failure of having their own family, with her blaming her for it. But his wife kept him positive. She even vowed to fight against it by having a kid together.

This did not suit him, so he walked out the door in anger.

The guy is now asking Reddit whether he was wrong for leaving his wife in such a manner.