Why would the doctors, the nurses, other hospital staff members, and visitors burst out singing “Amazing Grace” in the hospital’s hallway? It is indeed an amazing grace when one’s life is threatened with death (for want of an organ) when suddenly the good news: “We have a donor!” Hence, the reason this hospital hallway assembly could not hold back from singing “Amazing Grace” as baby Cora is wheeled through the hallway towards the operating room. Paul and Meagan, Cora’s parents, followed their beloved little girl as she is carried off for the organ donation surgery. This is the Walk of Respect. Baby Cora will save at least three people’s life.

Paul and Meagan had rushed Cora to their local hospital, after noticing she had difficulty breathing. Cora had contracted parainfluenza. Upon arrival at the local hospital, Cora’s condition continued to worsen. The doctors and nurses recognized that Cora needed a more comprehensive diagnosis and specialty treatment. They decided to transfer Cora to Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, Minn.

Baby Cora was prepared, by her medical team, for transfer to the Mayo Clinic Hospital. During the preparation for the transfer, Cora’s heart stopped breathing. After CPR was performed on Cora, she was stabilized enough for the transfer.

At Mayo Clinic Hospital, the doctors communicated that test results showed that Cora’s heart was fine. However, a CAT scan confirmed that Cora had brain damage. Overnight, Cora’s condition worsened. Words cannot express the anguish Cora’s parents experienced as they watch their precious young child’s health deteriorate. Finally, Paul and Meagan received the crushing news. Cora was pronounced brain dead on Sunday, April 21, 2019, at 4:45 p.m. Though devasted by the loss of their daughter, the couple made a decision that would give hope to others.

Paul and Meagan unselfishly decided to donate Cora’s organs to other people. This decision would bring hope and smiles to other families. This decision will also help the couple to cope, knowing their daughter’s organs continues to live on inside the bodies of those whose lives she saves. As Cora is transported for surgery, Paul and Meagan felt the warmth and support of the hallway assembly as they sang “Amazing Grace.” Their little girl is being honored as an organ donor. Cora’s heart will be received by a one-year-old boy; her liver will be received by a one-year-old girl. Even an adult stand to benefit, as a 41-year-old accepts both of Cora’s kidneys. Imagine the relief and joy that these organ recipients and their loved ones experienced, as they are each graced with this life-saving gift. Paul and Meagan made public their decision to donate their beloved daughter’s organs. They hope their story will touch and inspire others to save lives by becoming organ donors.