You should be concerned about who comes into contact with your kids.

After a source alleged that the lady and operator of an in-home daycare center kept toddlers and babies fastened to the seat of her automobile, she was jailed and charged with child endangerment.

Rebecca Anderson, the owner and administrator of Becky’s Home Child Care Center in Mesquite, Texas, has already confessed to keeping these tiny kids restrained for a total of at least 7 hours each day, according to authorities.

After being caught on hidden camera allegedly harming a 6-month-old boy, the police were able to get a search warrant for the 60-year-old woman. In the video, a woman (obviously Anderson) is seen apparently yanking the infant with the use of the bib around his neck, and making use of a syringe to feed him a kind of substance, which is still unknown.

A hidden camera was planted on the car seat of one of the babies by his parents, and it ended up capturing video proof of the terrible things that Anderson was doing to the children in her care.

While the cops were on their way, Anderson stated that she was responsible for just five kids. However, after a thorough search of the home was conducted, authorities discovered an additional three children strapped in their car seats. These youngsters were confined in a dark room closet and a fourth child who was tied and left in the master bedroom.

The children had shoelace ligatures placed around their necks, with some of them having to be cut away because of the strength of the knot.

Anderson did admit to having the youngsters bound at the end. However, her motivation for doing so was that tying them was a form of confinement and restriction of movement for her.

She explained that she tethered them because they might wander about aimlessly, and that she would allow them to remain like that for up to 7 hours each day until her parents returned to pick her up.

According to Anderson, she gave the children Tylenol on occasion to “make her job easier.” The police asked questions of her neighbors, and most of them revealed their concerns about the daycare, specifically because most of these kids were known for screaming at the top of their lungs whenever their parents dropped them off every day.

The owner of the home daycare center was taken into custody on Sunday, September 16th and charged with nine counts of child endangerment in Dallas County.

She had a $45,000 bail. As of this writing, she has no attorney and the case is still being investigated by the Family and Protective Services Department. Immediately after she was arrested, another search was performed on the home daycare business, and it was eventually shut down.

The center was completely emptied, and all of the youngsters were taken to a children’s hospital in Dallas for medical exams and evaluations.