In an industry often criticized for its moral compass, Christian actress Alexa PenaVega stands as a beacon of faith and resilience. As Hollywood’s glitz and glamour continue to lure in aspiring stars, PenaVega isn’t afraid to shed light on the darker side of Tinseltown, especially when it comes to its impact on marriages and families.

Once a rarity in Hollywood, Christian actors and actresses like Chris Pratt and Mark Wahlberg are becoming more vocal about their faith. Yet, their numbers remain far from the majority. Alexa PenaVega, renowned for her role in the beloved “Spy Kids” franchise, has emerged as one of these voices, unafraid to address the issues that plague the industry.

In a recent interview with The Christian Post, PenaVega opened up about her involvement with the non-profit organization World Vision. Her connection to this charity runs deep, thanks to a friend who introduced her to their work. She enthusiastically shared, “I’ve been a part of the World Vision family for years. I have a friend who works with different charitable organizations, and he reached out to me and said, ‘Hey, World Vision is doing a gift catalog this year, would you like to be a part of it?’ I was like, ‘Are you kidding? I’ve been giving to them for years. I would love to be a part of it!'”

One of the key reasons PenaVega supports World Vision is its Christian foundation and commitment to helping others achieve self-sufficiency. She explained, “What I love about World Vision is, one, it’s a Christian organization. So they have Kingdom hearts, and they’re ready to serve in any way. Also, they want to help people to be self-sustaining. They don’t want to just give handouts and say, ‘Good luck.’ It really goes back to teaching a man how to fish.”

However, as much as PenaVega is passionate about her charity work, she acknowledges that Hollywood can be an unforgiving place for families. “We realized early on — this is something I learned actually from my family growing up in the industry — is that our industry was not built for families to make it. They rip families apart constantly,” she lamented.

The film and television industry often demands prolonged separations from loved ones as actors embark on long shoots. PenaVega recognized this challenge, stating, “What happens is you leave for months at a time to go film a movie or a television show where your family grows further and further apart. The industry is truly not set up for marriage or for family.”

So why does she persist in this industry? PenaVega’s answer is grounded in her faith. “We really do feel called to be in this industry. We feel like God gave us gifts to be a part of this industry. But that doesn’t mean we have to do what the industry does.”

For PenaVega, it’s about staying true to her beliefs and seeking God’s guidance in her career choices. She emphasized, “We’ve taken all the Kingdom aspects that we’ve learned, and it’s not easy because there are plenty of opportunities that we’ve had to pass on or skip out on because we knew, [and pray], ‘God, I really don’t feel like you’re in this, and I don’t want to be a part of it if you’re not in it.'”

In a town where compromise is often the norm, Alexa PenaVega’s unwavering faith and commitment to family values are a refreshing change. Her journey serves as a testament to the challenges faced by those who wish to maintain their integrity in the midst of Hollywood’s allure. As she continues to shine a light on the industry’s issues, PenaVega reminds us that it’s possible to remain true to one’s faith and principles, even in the glittering heart of showbiz.