In a surprising turn of events, the controversial marketing campaign featuring Dylan Mulvaney by Bud Light has received a resounding thumbs-down from consumers. The sales figures paint a grim picture, while the stock has recently been downgraded by a major investment bank. It appears that the average American is growing increasingly disillusioned with Bud Light and its marketing companion, Dylan Mulvaney.

However, even with this discontent brewing, it hasn’t deterred the self-righteous left from making a scene. A recent incident at a comedy club serves as a prime example of their unwavering righteousness. Comedian Chrissy Mayr, in a tweet that caught everyone’s attention, shared a video of herself delivering a joke about Dylan Mulvaney, which led to an exodus of offended individuals storming out of the club. Watch the incident unfold here:

For those unable to watch the video, Mayr’s joke went like this: “Why has it been a year of girlhood and still no *tts? That’s day one, okay? If I’m transitioning to a dude, day one I’m getting a *ck and I’m getting the biggest one you can find. Like go into the back room, get me something black.”

Attempting to defuse the situation, Mayr made an appeal for tolerance, saying, “No, it’s all good. We can all have different beliefs, it’s okay. Some of us can believe in reality and some of us can’t.”

Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain. Instead of enduring a single joke they disagreed with, Mayr claims that these disgruntled individuals lodged complaints with the management and even went so far as to topple her merchandise table. She revealed, “Just FYI, these ‘women’ went straight to management to complain and then proceeded to stampede (knock over) my merch table. This is the ongoing conflict between comedy and Leftists. It’s just not compatible.”

Interestingly, conservative commentator Megyn Kelly echoed similar sentiments, albeit in a less explicit manner, by addressing Mulvaney’s physical appearance. Kelly expressed, “Nike sponsoring Dylan Mulvaney now for a sports bra? I’m sorry, Dylan doesn’t have breasts. Dylan’s been taking some sort of hormone that has transformed Dylan into… I don’t know what’s happening there. But those are not breasts.”

“Dylan doesn’t need any type of bra—let alone a sports bra. The three ladies on this program right now have six boobs between us, and we actually know what it’s like to wear a bra. No one would be inspired to buy one based on non-breasted Dylan Mulvaney prancing around in a Nike sports bra.”

Continuing her critique, Kelly suggested that Mulvaney may be grappling with an eating disorder and should not be anyone’s spokesperson. She argued, “If there were a woman who looked like that, she couldn’t get an endorsement because they’d say she clearly is unwell.”

It is worth noting that this incident was captured on video and has since sparked a heated debate.