A few years back, while out on an adventure in the Alaskan wilderness near his home, wildlife explorer Michael Glidden was hoping to capture some memorable photographs.

With his faithful companion – his dog Aspen – at his side, he was ready to snap some breathtaking nature photos.


In addition to capturing beautiful nature shots, Michael also ended up with a picture more terrifying than he could have ever planned. During his outing with his dog, he ventured into an ice cave hoping to come away with stunning photos.

9While preparing to take a picture with the flash on, his dog bolted out of the cave in terror. He was confused as to what may have spooked his dog until he went home and sorted through his photos. Upon viewing the photos, he stumbled across one with a hibernating bear only a few feet from where he had stood!

He had come face to face with a slumbering bear without even realizing it.


Michael now acknowledges that roaming into a cave in the dead of winter was not the smartest idea considering the risk of stumbling upon a sleeping bear. Lucky for Michael and his dog, this bear did not wake up.