When people go into a restaurant, they usually check it out for cleanliness, and if the workers are neat, clean, and friendly. A long time joke among many that eat out is to always be kind to the waiters and waitresses because you don’t want them to spit in your food. There has not been a publicized case of this until recently at a restaurant in Florida. Just thinking of eating someone’s spit is enough to make you gag, and want to vomit. This actually happened to two police officers who had dinner at the Highway 55 restaurant in Florida. Three teenagers who acted as though they had no home training, or respect for others, were working their shift waiting on customers. When the two police officers came in and sat down to order their meal, the teens decided that they were going to punish the officers by spitting in their food. This is probably the most gross action that someone can take against another.

While plotting their disgusting act, the teens were all in agreement that each would take a turn spitting in the two officer’s food. After they served the food to the officers, they stood back looking, giggling, snickering, and punching each other on the arm. Their devious action went unnoticed by the officers who ate their dinner as they normally did. This was a big belly laugh for the teenagers who thought they had gotten away with this wrong doing. Another worker had witnessed everything that had happened from the beginning, and pointed it out to the owner who was in disbelief until he checked the footage on the surveillance camera. To his astonishment, what the other employee described was indeed true.

The three Florida teenagers were fired from their jobs, and their act reported to the authorities. They were arrested, but not by the two officers that they had no regard for. They were charged with food tampering, and battery against law enforcement officers. Food tampering is a felony in Florida, but battery is a milder offense. The teens were placed with the Department of Juvenile Justice. It is not known what type of reprimand they will receive because neither of them had any prior involvement with the law. It was speculated that they may only receive a slap on the wrist, but there is an uncertainty. The two officers were told about the incident. They found it disgusting, and appalling, but neither of them needed medical attention. This is the type thing that will encourage them to bring lunch from home. They will forever be cautious of eating out especially where young teens are employed. The Okeechobee City Police Department considered what the teens did as a conspiracy to poison. The teenagers had no real reason to do this to the officers, just the fact that they were police officers who put their lives on the line everyday to protect and serve the people of the city. This was a foul way to get revenge on someone who had done them no harm.