Pia Muehlenbeck is an Instagram model who tries to add a bit of reality back into her Instagram social media page. This is to stand in contrast to most models pages who actively twist reality in order to make regular people feel jealous. Pia owns the SLINKII boutique and has quickly become a social media influencer with more than two million followers.

While her Instagram page certainly has a lot photos of her stretched out on the beach, theres more to it than that. She often writes candidly about the pictures, like how the waves often came in at inopportune moments and soaked her when she wasnt ready for it. She talks about falling off of hammocks or burning her backside on a slip and slide that didnt have running water. She refers to herself as a goofball and is seemingly proud of her clumsiness. Despite all of this though, she has made millions from sponsorship deals and brands focused on lifestyle. Pia emphasizes how perfect everything on Instagram seems to those looking in, but is open about how scripted it all actually is. Shes also open how its often curated so that you only see the best parts.

She posts pictures of herself wearing a low green top and showing a bronze body, including captions that explain how to get a perfect summer glow. Pia is also adamant to talk about ecological awareness with her followers.

Pia also talks about how she takes two hundred photos per selfie by using the burst feature on her phone. Then, she goes through them all to find the ones that she likes, but there is certainly a lot that doesnt make the cut. So, you are literally seeing like one percent of reality. IN terms of her daily routine, she travels around, does some photos, explores areas, and then finally goes back to her hotel room for a few hours to do emails and other work related to her boutique, and then finally preparing all of the photos for Instagram posts and blogs related to where shes living. She also does a daily video log. And, this is essentially her life.

Other interesting facts about Pia include that shes really into Harry Potter. Apparently, she can remember the dialogue from all of the films and speak it back to anyone who asks. She also has a remote control that looks like a wand in order to navigate around.

She tried to go to Los Angeles once to see the Harry Potter World from Universal Studios but screwed up the dates. The only thing she got when she arrived was a Gryffindor shirt since that main attraction hadnt even opened yet. Pias interest in the environment is also legendary since shes done things like plant a thousand trees to help reforest the world. Her whole business actually started when she was selling yoga mats of the organic variety right from her bedroom. She actually said that her first post on Instagram was an embarrassing duck face. Shes definitely not letting that one out and even said that its going to stay in her computer trash can forever.