The Daniels family is very fortunate and thankful to have a pit bull dog. Their family was very blessed by the heroic and watchful actions of their pit bull. Their dog’s name is Ember and she is an adopted pit bull. Ember was adopted from the organization called Adore-A-Bull. She is an alert and helpful dog that ended up saving Tre’s life. Tre, who is 10 years old, and his mother Tracy have a very close and special relationship with their pit bull dog Ember. Ember is a kind and caring pit bull that proved to be very observant.

Ember and Tre are very close to each other and get along very well. One day, in the morning, something terrible and unexpected had happened to Tre. Tracy was completely unaware of the situation that was unfolding that morning. She was in bed and had been woken up by Ember. She was very confused and did not know what was going on. She could not figure out right away what Ember was trying to tell her. Ember was very persistent and would not leave Tracy’s side until Ember had her full attention. Ember started to make a strange grumbling noise. Tracy was unsure why Ember was making such an odd noise. Tracy was very puzzled by the dog’s behavior and eventually, Tracy understood that Ember was trying to tell her something important.

Tracy decided to listen to the dog and see what it wanted and was trying to tell her. Ember then led Tracy to the bathroom. Tracy was in complete shock at what she saw in the bathroom. Tre was in a strange position in the tub. Tre was partly in the tub and the other part of him was not. Tracy was very frightened by Tre’s body positioning and condition. She was completely taken aback by this and called 911 immediately. Tre was having a seizure, but luckily they were able to save him. Ember’s heroic actions saved Tre’s life. After being looked at by the doctors, Tre came home and Ember continued to be by his side. Ember made sure to always look after Tre.

There was a video about the story and how heroic Ember was in saving Tre’s life. Many people left comments on the video. There were many positive comments praising pit bulls. Sometimes pit bulls are seen in a negative light, but the positive comments showed that pit bulls are very good dogs. One person commented about how pit bulls and dogs in general take on the characteristics of their owners and that certain dogs are not necessarily bad. The person was very adamant and strong in voicing their comment. Another person commented on why they think some dogs bark at others who have a bad demeanor. The person mentioned that they had a Yorkshire dog that would bark at people who were thought to have a bad demeanor. The person was trying to get the point across that it is not just pit bulls that might do this, but all types of dogs can bark when they sense something bad. The comments were supportive of pit bulls. The comments were very insightful and offered some personal experiences to help understand pit bulls and dogs of all breeds.