When she began playing the role of a 1,000-pound sister on 1000lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton became known. She’s now come forward to discuss her new relationship. She met a guy online and formed an intimate relationship with him as a boyfriend and girlfriend. However, Slaton stated that her new love has a “thing for big girls” and would not hesitate to abandon her if she reduced below 300 pounds.

Tammy is going on a weight-loss journey with her sister as part of her role in the reality show. The new relationship was discussed during the program in which Tammy, who now weighs 631 pounds, recounted how she met her new boyfriend and how well things had been going between them.

Phillip Redmond is Tammy’s new beau. He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, after the pair connected on social media and began chatting, Philip agreed to come to Kentucky to meet Tammy in person. This was a significant step for the real-life television star who has had trouble finding love in the past.

During an interview with People Magazine, Tammy discusses her new long-term relationship and how well things have been going between her and Phillip.

“Meeting Phillip for the first time, I mean, it was great. We talked and held hands and just watched TV, and got to know each other,” she said to People. “I like everything about him. I like how he makes me feel. Like, he makes me happy. And I can honestly say this is happiness.”

Tammy decided to keep her meeting with Phillip a secret from her friends and family. Nonetheless, she stated that the pair are “vibing” and that so far, things have been going well for them in love. They’re exclusively dating one another, which is a significant step forward in terms of relationships.

“Phillip and I are together. That’s my man. I’m his woman,” she told People. “I can see a long life with Phillip. Even though we just met, it feels like I’ve known him forever.”

Phillip, on the other hand, may be less enthusiastic about Tammy if she loses as much weight as she has planned. Phillip uploaded a video to his Instagram account in which he praised the way he wants his females to look.

He said “anything under 300 [lbs.] is disrespectful,” and “if I married you at 450 and you get down to 299, just know I am out. See ya.”

Tammy Slaton does not believe her partner’s preference for a larger woman will be an issue.

“Yes, he does have a persona on the internet, but it doesn’t define who he is,” she said. “So he likes big girls. He’s just a supporter. And he knows very well that I’m on a weight loss journey. And he’s okay with it. He’s all for me losing weight and getting healthier. No, he don’t want me to get under 300, and I’m fine with that.”

Despite their short time in Kentucky, the pair got along well. Now Tammy “can’t wait to see him again.”

Is Tammy’s partner’s remark a red flag in your opinion?