His daily routine would have made any mother proud. Up until the time of her passing in April of this year, Chrisitan actor Mark Wahlberg made sure to call his mom, Alma, every day. He boasted that it was the first phone call he made every day, and now that she is gone, his heart breaks for her absence every single day.

Alma was 78 and suffered from Dementia. Alma and her two sons, Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, credited faith and family with their achievements. When Mark was younger, for instance, he made some questionable choices. He even ended up in jail at one point. His mother never gave up on him. Once he turned his life around and began embracing his faith, he noticed an immediate change in luck. Alma never let his success go to her head, however, and always encouraged him to care about what mattered most.

Mark also has a sister which he asserts has been very supportive throughout this time, as she has been trying to fill the shoes of their dear mother. She apparently has been a rock of support for the entire family, and they are closer than ever before, video-chatting every day. May Alma rests in peace, and her family finds the love that they need in this time.