In November of 2022, the absence of TODAY Show weatherman Al Roker had his fans on edge. After a prolonged period without him in view, he returned to the show at the start of January with news that he was hospitalized due to blood clots and had gone through many operations. Thankfully, all went well and we were able to welcome him back!

After being back on the air for a few months, it appears that Al Roker could be an intentional break in the near future.

In a recent Instagram post, Roker shared an image of his daily step count which exceeded 10,000 steps – surpassing the goal by over 3,000! The picture isn’t what gave away that he is taking time off from work; it was the caption included with it.

On the caption, Roker made a reference to his “bum knee” and announced that he will be undergoing a knee replacement procedure sometime “in late April.” He said, “Yesterday was the #bestdayyet when it comes to my steps on this #bumknee before my #kneereplacementsurgery in late April.”

Although the exact Roker’s absence from TODAY has not yet been revealed, it is likely that his surgery and recovery will necessitate a temporary break from work.

In the comments section of Roker’s post, his beloved wife Deborah Roberts chimed in with “Take it slow sweetie!”

Roberts’s perspective garnered agreement from several of their devoted followers. One person wrote, “Yes; take it slow and steady (you’ll be stronger than ever!)”

Fans saluted Roker for taking so many strides on a “bum knee” One person said, “As someone who has had the same knee replaced ‘twice’ by the age of 56, I know what a feat that is to accomplish that many steps, Mr. Roker. Congratulations and keep up that amazing work!”

Another person wrote, “Excellent!!! Very motivating.”

How long do you think Al Roker will be away from the TODAY show due upcoming knee replacement surgery? Does it motivate you that he was able to amble such a significant distance before going under the knife?