Camping today can take many different forms. Some people think of camping as staying in a fully stocked cabin complete with electricity and a television. Other people believe that camping should bring you closer to nature. Those individuals often camp using nothing but sleeping bags and tents. The reality is that you can camp in any way that you like. One man decided that he would like to camp using his current vehicle as part of the experience.

A man named travderose online recently discovered that he liked camping. He did not want to bring a towering recreational vehicle along although he also wanted to have some modern conveniences nearby. This is when he decided to convert part of his Jeep Patriot into a camping machine. He started by laying down a piece of wood over the bed in the back. He used pieces of wood to mark where certain appliances would go. He then built a wooden cabinet to fit on part of the board. The cabinet houses a cutting board, a sink and a drawer. He mounted the cabinet to the board. He also put a refrigerator, plastic drawers and other items onto the board in the back of his vehicle.

He can now pull out all the drawers when camping to have space to prepare and cook food. There is plenty of storage. The refrigerator and other electronics all plug into the lighter port on the dashboard. Travderose can now have all the conveniences of home without having to deal with a massive recreational vehicle while camping.