Some individuals do not wish to have family pets, even after they currently have one. Whether they show unsuited to take care of them or they simply do not have the compassion to be a full-time animal owner, they choose to shed their duty and return animals to shelters. However often, they do not even provide their animal to the shelter; rather, they do what one guy did just recently near Lake Ming in Bakersfield, California.

Stephen Sage Silver viewed all of it occur. He was driving behind a black vehicle on an otherwise peaceful roadway when he saw a guy and a lady exit the automobile and start striking their black canine in the face. When Silver attempted challenging the male about what was taking place, the guy turned and attempted to begin a battle with him too. It was clear that this male had a program from the very start.

Silver remained in the vehicle and seen as the female pulled away to their automobile. That’s when Silver got his phone to tape-record what he understood will take place. In the video, you can see the guy attempting to press the canine far from him, however the pet dog continuing to leap excitedly up his leg, believing that they are playing a video game.

That’s when the guy shouts out to Silver, “It’s your pet dog, not mine!”

Silver reacts, “Hell no, that’s your pet dog, guy! That’s f ** ked up. This person is discarding his pet dog right here.”

The video continues revealing the male having a hard time to enter the automobile since the pet keeps attempting to leap in there with him. What might have looked like a video game for the pet quickly becomes a headache for him? He attempts and attempts to return into their automobile. However the guy keeps pressing the canine away.

The guy attempts slipping in through a small space in the chauffeur’s side door and closing it behind him, the pet dog does not quit. It isn’t till the guy chooses the pet dog up and tosses it further out into the roadway that the pet dog is far enough away for the guy to close the door and repel.

As he drives, the canine races by his side, attempting to get his owner to unlock. Regrettably, the cars and truck flees, and the canine is left alone as soon as again. Silver brings up to the pet gradually, and he has actually entrusted the only choice he seems like he requires to make: to call for assistance.

Kern County Animal Providers show up soon after and take the pet dog under their care. He is now remaining at the shelter while they examine the occurrence. Silver relied on Facebook to record the story, and individuals are reacting all over about the scaries that this pet dog has actually needed to go through.

Let’s simply hope that this male gets what he is worthy of which this canine discovers a house that can look after it effectively. To me, it appears like this canine requires some love.

What would you do if you saw this occurring?