“Hallelujah” is one of the most frequently covered songs in music history. Written by Leonard Cohen, who died in late 2016, it uses Biblical imagery to discuss the agony and ecstasy of love.

The song has proven especially popular since the Rufus Wainwright version played over a key scene in the movie “Shrek.” Hence, it is little wonder that an accomplished musician like Harry Connick, Jr. would want to put his own unique spin on the song.

Connick teamed up with Bryan Sutton, Jonathan DuBose, Jr. and the United Voices Singers. While the instrumentalists played acoustic and electric guitar with a bluegrass flavor, the choir put a Gospel sound into its soulful chorus backing up the New Orleans-based singer.

Watching him perform, it is clear that this is a song that means something to Connick, and all of his accompanying musicians and vocalists are taking it very seriously as well. This song is likely to find its way into concerts for some time to come.

It’s a shame that Cohen is no longer with us, but his music continues to resonate with people all over the world. His poetic vision challenges listeners to consider deep philosophical and spiritual questions, and his beautiful melodies give musicians an excellent springboard for their own creativity. Connick is just one of hundreds of musicians helping to carry on that impressive legacy.

Thanks in part to those efforts, it is likely that Cohen’s music will continue to have an audience for years into the future.