Most parents want their newborns to have a name that’s special to them. But some seem to go overboard with names. Indeed, one family, in particular, decided to name their baby Frankenstein, which happens to be their last name, for Halloween. Since Frankenstein is the parent’s last name, they really didn’t have much of a choice on what to name their child. But this doesn’t make them any less proud of him. For one, the mother’s due date was near Halloween, so they thought it would be fun if the baby was born on the holiday. In fact, this detail combined with his last name would go together well. As it turns out, Kyle and Jessica Frankenstein welcomed Oskar Gary Frankenstein on October 31, 2017, and this was truly remarkable in the family’s eyes. The mother was in labor for fourteen long hours. According to Daily Mail, he was 20 inches long and weighed six pounds and nine ounces.

No one knows for sure why fewer babies are born on Halloween. Some experts believe that Halloween’s association with hauntings, ghosts, and death might subconsciously scare numerous women out of giving birth. Further, the knowledge itself might frighten some moms out of labor. On the bright side, Valentine’s Day can have a different effect. For instance, statistics show there are 3.6 percent more births on February 14. Plus, in comparison to Halloween, Valentine’s Day is full of bright decorations and tenderness. The combination of romance, family, love and happiness could cause moms the urge to bring a baby into the world.

No matter what others may say about their baby’s Halloween name, the family couldn’t be prouder. Oskar’s mother told A.B.C., “I am utterly in love with this little man, and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect baby.” Jennifer Frankenstein is the baby’s grandmother and is ecstatic to welcome her first grandchild into the family. And for Oskar’s first Halloween which would be 2018, the family knew what they would dress their son as. Additionally, Jennifer also has a thirteen-year-old daughter who was born on the same day as the renowned author of “Frankenstein”, Mary Shelley. This family certainly seems to have a familiarity with Halloween that others simply don’t understand. While some people may think it’s offensive to name a baby Frankenstein, others perceive things differently. Plus, it may not seem so out of this world if a person considers that it’s only a last name. After all, this is a famous name that can remind someone of family histories, a classic movie, and Halloween. In some instances, maybe people should consider being more accepting of those different from them.