Fox News Anchor Greg Gutfeld’s life took an unexpected turn during a candid conversation on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast. On this remarkable episode, Gutfeld shared the story of the fateful day he met his wife, Elena Moussa, a tale that reveals the softer, more romantic side of this renowned conservative commentator.

It was a day that defied all odds. Greg Gutfeld was on his first day as editor at Maxim UK, embarking on a new chapter of his career. Little did he know that this day would be the turning point of his life. In a twist of fate, Gutfeld found himself in Portugal, attending a meeting with the international Maxim magazines. That’s when he crossed paths with Elena Moussa, the photo editor of Russian Maxim.

Elena, a striking Russian beauty at the age of 21, found herself staying in a hotel room adjacent to Gutfeld’s. In his trademark candid humor, Gutfeld quipped about his own laziness, saying, “She was right next door, which shows you how lazy I am.” But it was in that moment, when he first laid eyes on Elena, that he knew he had found his future wife.

In an unexpected departure from his usual comedic storytelling, Gutfeld opened up about the profound impact Elena had on him. “I just knew it, I just knew it,” he confessed, emphasizing the immediate connection he felt. Undeterred by the age gap of 18 years, Gutfeld spent three days in Portugal trying to win her heart.

However, the story took an intriguing twist. Gutfeld recounted how, on the final night of his stay, some colleagues from the Czech Republic invited him to join them in a wild night out, complete with indulgences he couldn’t resist. Facing the prospect of a fleeting encounter, he decided to take “one more shot” at winning Elena’s heart.

With genuine sincerity, Gutfeld expressed his admiration, telling Elena that she was “the most beautiful woman” he had ever seen. Her response was a delightful surprise. She playfully retorted, “I’d expect something better from Greg Gutfeld.” It was, as Gutfeld recalled, the first real sentence she had spoken to him.

Yet, Elena wasn’t entirely convinced. She made it clear that there was no promise of a lasting connection that night, setting a seemingly insurmountable challenge for Gutfeld. As he humorously put it, “We hung out that night, and she said that if we slept together, she would never see me again.”

But Gutfeld was undeterred by the seemingly insurmountable odds. His determination paid off, and within three months, they were married. Their enduring love story continues to inspire, as the couple remains happily married to this day.

In the present day, Gutfeld’s career has reached new heights. His role in “The Five” on Fox News has propelled the show to the top of cable news ratings. Forbes took note, acknowledging the dominance of Fox News Channel, with “The Five” leading the pack in viewership.

As conservatives celebrate Gutfeld’s professional success, it’s clear that his personal life is equally inspiring. His unexpected journey to find love serves as a testament to the power of determination and the unpredictability of fate.

In a world where politics often take center stage, Greg Gutfeld’s remarkable love story reminds us that even in the most unexpected places, true love can bloom. It’s a narrative that transcends political boundaries, touching the hearts of conservatives and liberals alike, proving that sometimes, destiny has a way of surprising us all.