Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld, a reigning champion of late-night comedy, has been captivating audiences with his sharp wit and humor. His immense popularity draws millions of viewers, and he consistently leaves his liberal counterparts in the dust. What’s more, he’s a ratings magnet for advertisers looking to target their preferred demographic. Gutfeld’s comedic prowess knows no bounds, especially when it comes to taking on the outspoken voices of The View.

In a short yet riotously entertaining video clip, Gutfeld brilliantly deconstructs Joy Behar’s far-left rhetoric on “The View.” Prepare yourself, as what follows is a laugh-out-loud experience that might require you to sit down, especially if you’re behind the wheel.

Gutfeld’s approach is refreshingly straightforward. He doesn’t rely on lengthy monologues or elaborate speeches to dismantle Behar’s arguments. Instead, he artfully uses her own words and a brief movie clip to deliver a devastatingly funny punchline.

In the video, Behar quotes Gutfeld, stating, ‘“I am not in the pews of the church of the global warming leftists.’” She then attempts to criticize Gutfeld’s stance on climate change, mentioning his state’s ongoing climate challenges. Gutfeld, however, interrupts with a perfectly timed retort, “Does anyone remember that time she got carried away by Hurricane Sandy?” He accompanies this quip with a clip from the movie Twister, where a cow whimsically flies by.

This incident is just one example of Gutfeld’s knack for humorously poking fun at prominent left-wing figures in both the media and politics. In a memorable instance, he took a dig at Vice President Kamala Harris, humorously labeling her as the “Bud Light of Veeps” due to her rock-bottom approval ratings.

During his consistently entertaining monologue, Gutfeld quipped, “Happy Wednesday, everybody. Tonight’s monologue is dedicated to all our friends on the left who are failing upward. Leading the charge, VP Kamala Harris. It’s the only time she’s ever led. And congrats. According to a new poll from NBC, which is like a news network, but with Chuck Todd, Kamala is the most unpopular VP in recorded history.”

With a touch of humor and a dash of historical context, Gutfeld went on to emphasize the significance of this unpopularity, humorously suggesting that Harris had surpassed even the infamously disliked Dick Cheney, who became unpopular after a hunting incident. Gutfeld chuckled, “Think about that. She beat out Al Gore, some guy named Biden, and even Dick Cheney, who shot a guy in the face. He had it coming, though, I think. I really don’t know that story too well. Anyway, so who says women can’t beat men when given the chance? Yes, ladies, you too could suck every bit as much as men. She truly is the Bud Light of veeps.”

In a world of entertainment where humor often leans left, Greg Gutfeld stands tall as a conservative beacon of laughter. His ability to artfully and hilariously challenge left-wing narratives is a testament to his comedic prowess. So, for those who appreciate a good laugh with a conservative twist, Gutfeld’s late-night antics are a must-watch.