The entire country watched as George Floyd was pinned down by the wicked cop who also took his life. We also witnessed as the policeman stood trial and received his judgment in court for the atrocity he committed. We were all excited when the jury ruled the police officer’s case as guilty in the murder of George Floyd. Floyd’s death was not only historical, but it was also an eye-opener that showed just how much African Americans suffered at the hands of police officers. It’s no news that brutality against African Americans exists, but it was not until everyone witnessed George Floyd’s gruesome death on TV that many began being cautious and paying attention to it.

However, as much as we would like to be happy that everyone was on the side of justice for George Floyd, not everybody was pleased by the sentence passed to the police officer. Many groups of white supremacists across the country felt that justice was wrongly served for the police officer, who in their opinion was just doing his job. This anger was particularly felt in New York City, where a certain group of white supremacists saw fit to destroy the newly erected statue of George Floyd. The statue, which was placed in respect of Floyd, was found vandalized, with black paint thrown all over the head, just five days prior to the incident. The statue, which was placed at Flatbush Junction, is located next to the prestigious Brooklyn College. The perpetrators, however, did not intend to hide their identity, as they used white paint to identify the name of their group on the surface of the statue. George Floyd’s brother was the one who established the foundation dubbed ‘We are Floyd’s Foundations’, which also took care of the cost of installing the delicate statue. The police have had no progress in tracking the group responsible for vandalizing the statue. However, they have assured George Floyd’s family and supporters that they will not rest until the offenders are found and brought to book for their heinous crimes.

Despite having important evidence of what time the crime took place (between 3 and 5 in the morning) the police have not yet made any arrests as there haven’t been any witnesses who’ve stepped forward to report any sightings. Since the criminals weren’t afraid to disclose their identity in white spray paint on the statue, it is clear that they were sending a message. However, this case is raising eyebrows as it seems to have been well thought out: from the time it occurred, to how they knew exactly when the police would be away from the statue, and also since there haven’t been any witnesses yet. The vandalization of George Floyd’s statue has caused unrest in Brooklyn as police urge anyone with any information that might be of use to step forward and assist with the investigations.