If you ask around, you’ll find that quite a few people have unique methods for cleaning their homes. These might be tricks they picked up from relatives or simply techniques they’ve found to be effective over time. For example, some folks swear by using baking soda and vinegar while others insist on Mr. Clean magic erasers for way more than just cleaning surfaces.

If you’re anything like me, ironing is one of your least favorite tasks – and it always seems to come at the worse time, right before you need to leave for an event. But there’s a simple life hack that can help save you both time and effort: toss a few ice cubes in the dryer with your clothes. I first noticed my neighbor do this whenever she was getting ready to go out, but I never thought to ask her about it until recently. Now I know the secret trick myself, and it doesn’t cost a thing!

If you want your laundry to seem pressed, insert two or three ice cubes with the items. So, how does it work? It’s really simple.

The dryer uses heat to turn the ice into steam, which relaxes your clothes fibers and gets rid of wrinkles.

When you utilize this technique in your home, it’s best to do so with just a little laundry. It’s fantastic if you don’t have much time or just don’t want to iron your clothes. I despise it, and I’m not the only one.

Many people have tried this method and found it to be very effective. If you’re looking for a quick way to get your clothes straightened, give it a try because it saves you time and doesn’t cost anything extra.

Use this tip by placing a few shirts or a shirt and pants in the dryer at one time. The steam from the ice cubes will work best if there is adequate space for them to circulate.

The ice cube and dryer trick works. If you don’t have a dryer or don’t want to use one, consider using a hairdryer instead.

There are several other methods to keep your towels soft. The next one is by using fabric softener, but if you’re looking for a more natural method, there is an alternative solution.

“Use vinegar instead of fabric softener. Works better, and no, it doesn’t smell,” one person said after learning about a mother in Australia’s problem with her towels.

Someone else recommended using the dryer for towels, but removing them while they’re still a tad damp; this will make them softer.

Do you have a cleaning method that your family adores? Do you know of a fantastic cleaning secret that has been handed down through the generations?