Dogs are loving, caring and protective, so it comes as no surprise when dogs will defend their owners from others. However, a golden retriever named Bailey takes it to the next level by protecting his human mom from his human dad. Bailey shows off his protective skills in a video posted on January 30, 2020 titled “Golden Retriever Dog Protects My Wife From Me”. Bailey’s dad starts the video off by touching his wife’s leg and then Bailey jumps on her legs to protect his mom. When the husband tries to do it again, Bailey starts to bark at him. As the husband continues to reach for his wife, Bailey stands up, walks around and blocks the husband as the couple laughs. Bailey’s behavior shows so much love and he even wags his tail during the interaction, so the dog doesn’t show any malice. In short, it’s a couple having some fun with their fluffy family member so everyone can enjoy a good laugh.

Bailey is the star of a YouTube channel known as “Funny Dog Bailey” where his owner posts his various antics. His male owner will post multiple videos a week that vary from Bailey reacting to different situations to Bailey taste testing or doing something funny. The channel provides plenty of videos you can watch and enjoy as a dog lover. Even though Bailey was born a couple of years ago, he continues to grow in popularity on the internet with more people subscribing to the channel each day. As of December 2020, the channel has passed 500,000 subscribers, so the channel continues to grow and succeed. The channel gets millions of views each month since people love to watch Bailey’s antics and the way his parents love him. This recipe makes it no surprise that so many people watch Bailey and his parents’ channel to see what they get up to.

This particular video gives you a good idea of the type of content you would come across on their channel. It focuses on Bailey while also showing some of the human interaction and love involved with owning a dog. Both the owners show great care towards Bailey, so some people may enjoy seeing something more wholesome on YouTube as opposed to some of the negativity people come across. Bailey constantly remains alert and pays attention to the different situations he faces with his parents. This channel serves as a reminder of the various events Bailey went through in life so others can enjoy those moments alongside the puppy parents. Since Bailey is a golden retriever, many people will comment about how Bailey is cute and funny. The comments section of these videos are filled with happy remarks as people share Bailey’s moments around the world.