As Niykee humbly ventured out onto her very first concert tour known simply as “The Bedroom Tour” in 2015, by early March of 2016, she would go on to release the creative named mixtape, The Bedroom Tour Playlist.

This creative mixtape carefully combined enhanced and rearranged material Niykee has in the past shared with others online, for completely free streaming of her live shows. It would then be her amazing implemented musical recording, “Starting Over,” that would be successfully released by Capital Records, in 2018.

When Niykee was still in high school, she would passionately upload different clips that were recorded in her very own bedroom by way of This would include things such as creative covers of different contemporary songs and sometimes even original hit songs. Soon enough, her hit cover of Chief Keef’s song “Love Sosa” was essentially portrayed on the main website known as WorldStarHipHop, swiftly bringing Heaton up to fame and popularity. Niykee would soon go on to take several record label meetings and eventually self-financed the original recordings of many of her own hit. It wasn’t soon after, that Niykee would eventually become signed up with a famous Youtube label known as “All Def Digital” in 2014. All Def Digital was originally established by Mr. Steve Rifkind and Mr. Russell Simmons, along with being in partnership with Capital Records at the time.

In 2014, Niykee Heaton went on to release her extended play entitled, “Bad Intentions” in the U.S. which eventually topped the official Twitter Trending 140 chart. It was not until June of 2015, that she would officially launch her own website, NBK (Natural Born Killers.) Her successful website became a great movement, where creative music became released regularly. It was on October 20, 2015, that Niykee would then premier her official music video on Apple Music, for one of her songs entitled “Lullaby.” The gifted singer-songwriter would debut her very first concert tour known as “The Bedroom Tour” throughout the countries of Canada and the United States.

Niykee Heaton is also a creative writer and has written a lot from to time she was a child. This is a gift she held as she grew up in a very tough childhood. Niykee found herself writing quite a lot as a young girl, as it helped her get through some of the toughest times in her life. She is a talented individual who has accomplished quite a lot throughout her life and she is a gifted force to be reckoned with. A model of natural beauty, a fighter, a winner, and a loving mother who has been through a lot in her life to get to where she is now. May Niykee Heaton continue to have more and more success throughout the years ahead.