In a surprising move, Harris Faulkner, the long-standing co-host on Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” revealed her upcoming career shift that has left audiences in awe. The accomplished broadcaster is stepping into the spotlight with a deeply personal endeavor that promises to captivate viewers nationwide.

After a decade on “Outnumbered,” Faulkner announced her departure to pursue a project close to her heart. In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, she unveiled her passion project titled “Footsteps of My Father,” delving into her upbringing as the daughter of a Vietnam combat pilot. The emotional journey she embarked on while retracing her father’s steps in Vietnam is now available for audiences to stream after debuting on Fox on May 16th.

In her heartfelt account, Faulkner revealed the profound impact of following her father’s wartime trail, carrying his burial flag as a constant companion. The raw emotion she experienced while immersing herself in the history and sacrifices made by her father shed light on the true essence of the Vietnam War and its significance in American history.

Despite the racial tensions that gripped the nation during that turbulent period, Faulkner’s father stood tall as a beacon of patriotism, choosing to serve his country with unwavering dedication. His belief in the American ideals of freedom and democracy, even amid internal strife, resonated deeply with Faulkner, shaping her understanding of national values and unity.

As she delved deeper into the remnants of communism still visible in Vietnam today, Faulkner drew attention to the enduring struggle to preserve democracy worldwide. Through her personal quest, she highlighted the stark realities of wartime survival and the lasting impact it had on her family and the nation.

While the loss of her father in 2020 during the pandemic brought immense grief, Faulkner found solace in her faith and the belief that their paths would one day cross again. Her unwavering commitment to honoring her father’s legacy through her work reflects not only her personal journey but also a tribute to all those who have served the country with valor and dedication.

As viewers immerse themselves in “Footsteps of My Father,” they are invited to witness a poignant narrative of courage, sacrifice, and resilience that transcends generations. Faulkner’s unwavering spirit and dedication to telling her father’s story with authenticity and reverence offer a rare glimpse into a chapter of American history that continues to shape the nation’s identity.

In a time of uncertainty and division, Faulkner’s journey stands as a testament to the power of love, faith, and the enduring legacy of those who have selflessly served their country. Through her personal project, she invites viewers to reflect on the sacrifices made by generations past and the values that unite us as Americans.