Ohio teacher Kristen Williams recently adopted two Indian girls.

It was a difficult road, involving mountains of paperwork, fundraising and grants. Williams also faced challenges and scrutiny due to her being single but said it was all worth it, and her life is blessed by the children.

Williams found her first daughter, Munni, when she scrolled through photos of Indian children available for adoption. She said she felt very drawn to the girl and knew she had to bring her home. Munni had scars on her head, but Williams said that just made her more beautiful. The second girl, Roopa, was unwanted in her country due to being thrown in a trash bin and having her nose eaten away by animals, resulting in a deformity.

Williams knew immediately she had to help Roopa. Not long after bringing Roopa to America, Williams and her daughters appeared on the television show “The Doctors.”

If you think about us, Munni Bird could really use your prayers. Now that we are in the final countdown to departure, the nightmares have started again. They are always the same – that I leave her behind in India and someone hurts her ?. The road to recovery from trauma and abandonment is a long and twisted one.

When I think we've made a million steps forward, I hear the fear in her sobs as she describes her nightmares to me and the reality that those wounds are deeply imbedded in the core of her being is painfully clear. I am eternally grateful that I get to be her mom and the one who walks beside her through this journey towards healing and wholeness. But in the name of transparency, there are times when I am filled with so much rage at everything she experienced, that I wish I could make someone pay for it all. I would give my life to protect her.

I would take everything that happened to her a thousand times over if it meant freedom for her. And I feel like a crazy person because I can never undo what's already been done.

I can never go back and be there to protect her. That's what a mom is supposed to do and if I could have been there, I PROMISE you, none of it ever would have happened. So we are left with all of the brokenness scattered into a million little pieces. Day by day, we work towards mending her heart. We pray for healing and give praise at breakthroughs.

We thank Jesus for the redemption and restoration he brings. But we also cry and mourn because there are times we feel desperate, defeated, and in despair. This is hard ? . . #munnibird #trauma #ptsd #ptsdrecovery #adoptiontrauma #olderchildadoption

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Interview with Roopa thanks to Chick-Fil-A: 1. what 3 things would you bring with you if you were stranded on an island? ~ basketball hoop, my tricycle, and a ?? 2. If you could do something really nice for a friend, what would you do? ~ um, give them a hug! 3. If you were allowed to stay up all night long, what would you do? ~ play basketball! 4. If you were president for 1 week, what would you do? ~ swim! 5. If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it? ~ Rosie! 6. If you had to pick one outfit to wear every day, what would it be? ~ my Lion guard shirt, my jeans, and my nikes! 7. If you could teach your pet any trick, what would it be? ~ to stand up and play basketball! You heard it here first! ????? . . . #roopafullofjoy #roopasworld #alldayeveryday #nonstopcomedy #makingmemories #family #lovemakesafamily #spreadmorelove #lovemattersmost #chickfila #indiaadoption #mygirls #tomboysrock #basketball

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Munni received surgery to reduce the appearance of her scars. Roopa was fitted with a natural-looking prosthetic nose. The video of the program has gone viral and been an inspiration to many. Both girls and Williams are very happy together and now on a mission to adopt a third Indian child, Mohini, the near future. Pleasant Ridge woman adopts Roopa.