This Women’s History Month, Ford has come up with a revolutionary concept: they released an advertisement introducing their new vehicle labeled as the “men’s only edition.” It is nothing short of remarkable that in this day and age, such forward-thinking exists.

In the commercial, Ford displays a sleek black Ford Explorer SUV while a voiceover narrates and explains, “For the first time ever, we’ve completely reimagined the automobile.” Though there appear to be no visible signs of change, the voiceover guy goes on to explain what’s new and improved.

This SUV is referred to as the “men’s only Ford Explorer.” The name raises eyebrows and leaves us questioning if this was said with a hint of sarcasm or if it’s meant to be taken seriously, yet they seem confident in their choice of words. It is clear that we are entering uncharted waters here – politically incorrect or not!

In the ad, a voiceover explains why this special edition Ford Explorer is exclusively for men. Instead of introducing features that would make it more suited to them than women (which we can’t imagine how that could be done), they reveal what has been removed from the vehicle to give it its unique status.

The lack of modern features on this “men’s only edition” might be attractive to a more macho-minded guy who is not interested in having too many extra add-ons. Features such as windshield wipers and a heater are noticeably absent, yet we can’t help but feel slightly underwhelmed by the overall offering.

Even the narrator of this advertisement sounds incredulous as to who would actually purchase this SUV; at one point, he cries out in disbelief: “No GPS, are you kidding?”

Check out the full advertisement for Ford Explorer geared specifically toward men to learn more about what features have been omitted from this SUV. Pay attention until the end and you’ll find out why these components are missing (hint: it has something to do with women).

Absolutely not! This ad wasn’t meant to be exclusive in any way. Rather, it was crafted with the purpose of recognizing and celebrating the influential role that women have played at Ford Motors and how they’ve helped manufacture some of the world’s most dependable cars.

How do you feel about Ford’s “men’s only” SUV ad? It may come as a surprise that numerous women have been responsible for the development of our current vehicle features. Do you ever take into consideration the hard work these women put in to make sure cars are safer and more efficient than they used to be?