Ariana Faith Carlson, known as Anna Faith, is a Florida Native who is living the dream. She is an Instagram model and cosplayer. November 21, 1995, is when she was born and grew up in Dayton Beach in Florida. Her recognition is from impersonating Queen Elsa of Frozen. Frozen is an animation from Disney. Anna Faith has a sister, Lexus Grace. The sister’s fame is for impersonating Princess Anna. What’s more, is that their mother created the dress of Elsa. The modeling journey of Anna Faith started from a young age in second grade. In 2014 is when she graduated from High School. 2007 is when Anna Faith got engaged to her long term boyfriend. 2014 is the year Anna became noticed globally.

Her fame came from the recognition as the look-alike of Queen Elsa. Through that, she became recognized and given jobs as an extra in various films. Besides modeling and acting, Anna plans to record her album. Anna and her sister have gained appearances in TV shows, radio stations, and magazines. Her career has attracted over a million followers on social media. Thus, ranking her as the most popular cosplayer globally. Following this, she then started diversifying and cosplaying. Some of the films and comic books that she has done include Rey from Star Wars. Moreover, she has also taken part in the Batman film as Harley Quinn. She has also portrayed book characters, such as Cinderella, Harry Potter, Spider-Man, and Maleficent. Besides that, Anna and her sister gained the name “Frost sisters.” They have various appearances at events and cons. In 2015, Anna Faith appeared among the top 7 Sexiest Cosplayers. She was later ranked among the hottest cosplayers in 2016. Playboy has featured articles that talk about her resemblance to Queen Elsa. “Queen of Disney Cosplay” is a nickname she gained through portraying Disney Princesses.

After the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, Anna gained another Cosplay. It happened in January 2017, during the annual event of celebrating Harry Potter. In April 2017, she debuted her new Cosplay as Wonder Woman. It was after her recognition as being the best cosplayer. It happened at the Entertainment Expo and Chicago Comic. Additionally, she offers other services, such as entertaining patients who have Cancer. Before going there, she dresses up as Elsa so she can entertain the kids. Also, her sister dresses up as Princess Anna. Anna Faith says that parents get emotional and cry when they see how happy she makes their kids. It is something she does along with her sister and mother.

Anna Faith runs her business through social media accounts. Following her post on her side by side photo with Queen Elsa, she gained more flowers. Anna Faith’s next move is that she wishes to land a role on season 3 of Once Upon A Time. So, she requested her fans to post her photos as Elsa so she can get the role. But no one from ABC has contacted her. She is still hopeful. Apart from her acting career, she has been working with the children’s academy of fine arts. Anna is a Florida Native who is living her dream to be Queen Elsa. She hopes that one day she will get to play the role of Elsa on Once Upon A Time.