The social media world is chock-full of models who have promise in droves. They come from all different corners of the planet as well. Mikayla Demaiter is the name of a widely known Instagram model who comes from Canada in North America. She has a Belgian cultural background, too. Since she’s Canadian, it comes as no huge surprise to anyone that she’s a big fan of hockey.

She appreciates the sport so much that she actually likes to participate in it on a regular basis. Posting pictures of herself on Instagram is one of her biggest pastimes. Since she has close to 350,000 followers on the social network, she gets high numbers of “likes” and comments” all of the time. She’s not even following close to 200 Instagrammers in total.

What makes this model so memorable to fans of social media? She has a curvaceous figure that makes her a knockout. She regularly likes to show people what she has to offer, too. Mikayla is in no way, shape or form modest about revealing the shape of her physique to others. She poses in the smallest bikinis around with significant frequency. She has bikinis in so many different colors of the rainbow.

Examples are black, pink, electric blue, yellow and white. She even has bikinis that feature all kinds of prints and designs. Note that Mikayala doesn’t limit her Instagram presence to bikini shots alone. Since she’s an extremely talented hockey player, she frequently posts images of herself in sports gear all ready to play. People who check out her Instagram page may find it hard to guess where she is. Since she’s often seen in swimming pools in bikinis, they may guess that she’s in Hawaii or anywhere else warm and bright. That couldn’t be further from reality, however.


This glamorous lady doesn’t only hang out on the beach and right by swimming pools. She doesn’t only hang out at hockey rinks, either. Mikayla also happens to be an individual who puts a lot of time into her physical appearance. Grooming matters a great deal to this lady, and understandably. She has so many fans everywhere who count on her to post pictures that are detailed, striking and sophisticated. That explains why she puts so much time into personal hygiene and grooming in general. She regularly goes to places such as the Extended Beauty Spa & Training Studio.

That destination combines two of the things that mean the most to her on this planet. Mikayla is a woman who has a penchant for taking care of her looks. She also has a penchant for training that makes her easily and rapidly break a sweat. It’s no shocker that this woman likes to stay in the loop with all of the individuals who follow her on Instagram. That’s the reason she communicates with them via captions on her pictures. She has a penchant for asking people questions about all of the things that they desire out of her postings. It isn’t unusual for Mikayla to ask her devotees about all of the things that pique their interest levels. Since this lady has classic golden locks, people often think of her as being a timeless beach bunny. She has a bronze glow that gives her a vibe that’s both healthy and energetic.