The “Liver King” Brian Johnson, a 45-year-old influencer who films himself eating raw liver to entertain his social media fans, has been met with extreme backlash after it was revealed that he had misled them by taking more than $11,000 in steroids each month just to get the body he displays. Moreover, this same individual had further duped his followers “into buying his muscle-building supplements” as well!

After it was discovered that Liver King had been lying to his fans and using steroids instead of raw liver, shots of blood, and supplements as he claimed, these same fans are uniting together in a lawsuit against the fraud. It is deeply disheartening to learn that someone would be so deceptive when their admirers have put such trust in them. It’s time for justice!

In a candid six-minute video, the Liver King revealed that he had used illegal steroids to gain his physique and was still taking an astounding 0.6 milliliters of testosterone every week in order to maintain it.

Christopher Altomare, a devoted fan of Liver King, was deceived into purchasing multiple supplements with the expectation that it would deliver him an impressive physique. To his shock and dismay, he realized in the confessional video that these products were utterly useless for bodily transformation purposes. Consequently, Altomare has filed a legal suit against Brian Johnson’s companies Ancestral Supplements LLC and The Fittest Ever LLC seeking damages worth $25 million.

Altomare’s lawsuit is extremely convincing, as it asserts that Liver King deceives his supporters and misrepresents the supplements he sells. Instead of aiding individuals on their journeys to health and wellness, Liver King allegedly encouraged a “dangerous and life-threatening diet” which resulted in severe cases of food poisoning for some consumers – potentially leading to death.

Liver King encourages his devoted followers to abide by the Nine Ancestral Tenets lifestyle, which urges individuals to consume raw organs such as the liver, spleen, pancreas, and heart. Despite having used steroids in order to gain muscle mass and flaunt a “muscular physique” claiming that it was all thanks to this lifestyle choice of health; drugs were actually what truly contributed towards Liver King’s impressive physiques. In actuality, drugs are responsible for his extreme size.

“Liver King persuaded millions of consumers to adhere to, or abide by, the Eat Tenet by repeatedly making representations to consumers that his near-perfect physique, and optimal health, were solely attributable to his adoption of the Ancestral Tenets, predominantly the Eat Tenet,” the lawsuit read.

Liver King’s meteoric rise to fame occurred last year. His brand was based on an adamant rejection of steroids, yet he nevertheless achieved a huge following on the web and created a multi-million dollar enterprise with his products.

Nevertheless, Johnson was branded a liar and a fraud. When an investigative journalist procured evidence demonstrating his steroid usage, on December 1st, 2022 he admitted to the accusations in a video posted online.

“Yes, I’ve done steroids. And yes, I’m on steroids,” he confessed.

His mental health was the source of his struggles.