Jordan Driskell’s experience as a parent of five, including quintuplets, is an incredible feat. Though he loves his children dearly and wouldn’t change them for the world, he takes the necessary steps to ensure life with them runs smoothly. On days when they visit public places together as a family unit, it isn’t uncommon for him to attach leashes onto each of their tiny waists so none can escape! After all – parenting doesn’t have to be difficult if you utilize creative solutions that work in your favor.

Recently, Driskell went viral after he revealed his unusual parenting technique – leashing up his five children. He and his wife Briana agree that this is the only way to keep their kids in control; otherwise, they would run wild causing a multitude of issues! Despite being unconventional, it has proven surprisingly effective at keeping the young ones safe while still allowing them room for exploration.

This year, Driskell created a video that went viral after he released it on social media. In the clip, viewers were taken aback when they saw him leash his children to protect them while in public spaces. Since then, Instagram users have been expressing their distress towards Driskell’s choice of safety protocol for his kids.

In his widely viewed video, Driskell can be seen striding along the exterior of a nearby aquarium with all five bustling children in tow. He has bound them together by means of leashes to make sure Gavin, Asher, Zoey, Dakota, and Hollyn remain close by and out of mischief. Furthermore, he uses these restraints so that none wander off into hazardous traffic.

Driskell has taken extreme measures to ensure the safety of his quintuplets, tethering each one with a harness and keeping them in check using an attached leash. This allows him to remain vigilant over their movements while sacrificing some of their freedom. The video reveals these details clearly.

“When people judge me for using child leashes …,” the video says.

To accompany the video, he labeled it with a number of hashtags and this message: “come walk a mile in my shoes.”

Driskell’s leashing policy has captured the attention of millions, and hundreds have shared their feelings about it. Reactions range from confusion over why a busy dad would need to leash his children to outrage at what they view as an unusual form of punishment. The video continues to rack up views by the thousands – with people everywhere eager for more insight into this controversial topic!

“They are humans, not dogs,” one person said.

“Don’t have that many kids if you can’t handle the pressure,” another person commented.

“Can’t you just train your children well?” another person asked. “Explain to them why it’s dangerous to run away?”

Is it appropriate for children to be tethered like dogs?