Jeff Pavlock is a proud Texan who values his conservative lifestyle, being an avid gun enthusiast and gas-guzzling vehicle owner. Nevertheless, he’s also a devoted dad wanting to give his daughter the best experiences while she grows up. Even so, critics have called out Pavlock’s explanation for pulling her from school as unconvincing; this has spun into an online sensation that garnered attention far beyond Texas.

Despite not being a necessity, Pavlock intended to withdraw his daughter from school in order to take her hunting with him. Disregarding the consequences of disrupting her education and future prospects, he chose to prioritize accompanying the twelve-year-old on his adventure into nature.

When the school inquired why Pavlock wanted to remove his daughter from class early, he was truthful and revealed his intention: to teach her twelve-year-old daughter how to use a firearm and take the life of an animal while hunting. Understandably, they responded with outrage; considering she would miss out on valuable educational opportunities in order for him to allow her to participate in what could be considered a barbaric activity.

After careful consideration, the father ultimately chose to post a picture of the sign-out sheet he completed when he removed his twelve-year-old daughter from school for an afternoon hunting trip.

“It’s deer season,” he wrote. “Headed to go put the smackdown on a monster buck.”

The deer hunter shared a post on Facebook, expecting his friends and followers to be delighted at the idea of him forgoing his daughter’s schooling in order to teach her how to hunt animals. Yet, instead of being praised, he was surprised by the strong criticism from people who argued that if hunting is so important to him he should have taken her out into nature during the weekend when she wouldn’t miss any classes.

In his Facebook post, he wrote: “When you check your 12 yr old daughter out of school early, and everybody else writes down Dr appointments, but you right down the truth…priorities. Ain’t nobody got time for school!!!!”

The father wanted to create an enjoyable experience with his daughter, prioritizing leisure over her studies.

“I’m always in a good mood, and I always want to make people smile,” he said. “I would always post a bunch of funny stuff on Facebook. I kept telling everybody: ‘One day, I’m going to make it big.’”

“I put down: ‘Headed to go put the smack down on a monster buck,’” he continued. “That’s the way we do it here in Texas.”

In no time, his post had become a sensation. Nonetheless, the majority of people thought he was an irresponsible parent.

“I’ve got people from Canada and people messaging me from all over the United States, so I am just living in the moment and enjoying it,” he stated. “I just enjoy making people laugh. My wife is laughing. My whole family is laughing. We think it’s hilarious. I never thought in my life it would blow up on Facebook.”