Reyhaneh Ameri, 22, was living a peaceful life with her family in Kerman, Iran. But one-day tragedy struck when her father killed her as an ‘honor killing.’

Her father claimed that her daughter had committed a serious crime, and the only way to save her life was to kill her. Why? Reyhaneh came home just a couple of minutes late from her curfew.

When she got home at 11:30 p.m., her father hit her with an iron rod so bad that she could not recover. It appeared that her father was furious with her for being out later than planned the night before. She was still breathing after he beat her with the iron. Her father, on the other hand, did not call for help.

Instead of helping her, he let her suffer for the next 24 hours. She bled to death and couldn’t survive her injuries.

Reyaneh’s sister stated that she paid a visit to her parents’ house that morning, between 8:30 and 9:00. When knocking on the door yielded no response, she entered the home only to be shocked at the scene before her. The house was in complete disorder, so she waited for her parents to return. Her father came home first; however, upon seeing his daughter’s suspicious expression he fled from the premises immediately afterward.

Reyhaneh’s clothes were soaked in blood and the walls were covered in it when her mother arrived and walked into her room.

The police arrived at the scene and followed a blood trail that led to the father’s car. They found him in a village nearby using his mobile phone and arrested him, although he denied knowing Reyhaneh’s whereabouts. The rescue operation continued until midnight when they finally found her.

The father eventually owned up to murdering his daughter. He took the cops to the location where he had discarded Reyhaneh’s lifeless body. It was in an open area of the city, according to the police. Despite her father’s savage beating, she died just two hours before the cops discovered her corpse, according to them.

The father had threatened to kill their daughter in the past and even tried to do so back in 2017, according to police.

In just one month, three women have been victims of honor killings in Iran. The most recent victim was Fatemeh Barahi, a 19-year-old who was beheaded by her husband after she ran away from their forced marriage two days prior. Although the 23-year-old husband also turned himself into the Valiasr Police Station in Abadan while still holding the bloody knife he used to kill his wife, it is yet unknown what punishment – if any – he will face.

The husband told the officers that he beheaded his wife due to her unfaithfulness and left her body near Bahar 56 by Bahmanshir River.

Fatemeh’s murder, according to the editor of Iran International Sadeq Saba, shows that there is no protection for women in Iran.