A heartfelt petition has been initiated by a concerned father demanding the dismissal of his son’s math teacher due to an inappropriate comment written on the boy’s homework. This story, which first surfaced in April 2019, has resurfaced in light of recent reports shedding light on the increased instances of misconduct by American educators towards their students.

Chris Piland, the father in question, was deeply disturbed when he came across the teacher’s feedback on his child’s test. His son, Kamdyn, faced harsh criticism despite his genuine efforts. In a task where the second-grade students were tasked with solving as many subtraction problems as possible from a list of 600 within a three-minute timeframe, Kamdyn’s test bore the comment, “Absolutely pathetic he answered 13 in 3 min! Sad,” accompanied by a disheartening drawing of a sad face.

Residing in Pennsylvania, Piland was infuriated by the teacher’s comment and took matters into his own hands by launching a petition calling for her termination. To his amazement, the petition has garnered immense support, with over 15,000 signatures collected thus far. Piland further highlighted the incident by sharing a photo of his son’s homework, expressing his frustration: “My son Kamdyn’s teacher has been consistently rude to him and me throughout the year. Seeing this on a child’s work leaves me beyond frustrated. Such motivation, right?”

Following the online post by Chris, the school board initiated an investigation into the matter. “Thanks to the dedicated individuals who signed and shared this petition, I am pleased to announce that the Valley View school board is currently investigating the teacher involved,” he announced.

People were appalled by the teacher’s actions, with commenters expressing their shock and disapproval: “Even without having a child, this sickens me. It’s incredibly unprofessional and simply wrong for a teacher to leave such awful comments on a young child’s work.” Another commenter emphasized that no teacher has the right to treat a child in such a manner.

Rose Minniti, the school superintendent, acknowledged that the incident is a personnel matter and stated, “The outcome will not be influenced by social media but determined by factual evidence. As always, our primary concern is the well-being of the students and ensuring fairness in addressing the employee under investigation.”