Animals can do amazing things. A while back bird-watching hobbyist Ian Ellis was out on an escapade and spotted something very unusual. he drove by a field of cows and they were all standing in circle looking in what appeared to be a mud puddle.

Ellis’ curiosity eventually got the best of him after watching the cattle, venturing into the field to see what had the attention of the cattle. To his surprise when he looked into the puddle, he noticed a baby seal wallowing in the mud, or as best it could.

Ellis immediately contacted the Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary who sent their technicians over to inspect the seal. The seal was clearly still alive, but not in a good physical condition. They determined the seal was a female, but on closer inspection it was also revealed she had a lung infection and was terribly dehydrated and under-nourished.

So, the sanctuary workers loaded her up and took her to the sanctuary were she quickly made friends with another rescued seal that they had named Charlie. The fact that she had survived the nearly three-mile trek from the ocean to the cow pasture was enough for the crew to name her Celebration.

The real celebration did not begin until she recovered from her lung infection. Celebration and Charlie were inseparable at the sanctuary, with both of them also gaining back all of their lost weight while rehabbing.

When the day came to release them back in the wild, both seals were released together back into the ocean and swam away in tandem to their natural habitat. It was an amazing finish to a long adventure for both of these amazing creatures that is reminiscent of a Disney episode.