Aaron Carter was a big name years ago. The followers of the star have grown so concerned about him that they phoned the cops and pleaded with enforcement to check on Aaron Carter after he posted frightening content to social media. After Aaron Carter put up worrisome material on social media on September 20, 2022, many of his followers went into a worried frenzy.

Some of Carter’s fans were concerned that he might have been using drugs during a recent live stream on social media. During the chat, the screen went black for a moment, leading some to worry that Carter had turned it off so he could use drugs without being seen. Fans were concerned for Carter’s well-being after hearing what sounded like spraying and inhaling in the background, so many of them called the police to check on him.

The 34-year-old celebrity confessed to having a huffing addiction, which means that he frequently inhales noxious chemicals for the purpose of obtaining a quick high.

McGill University in Montreal, Canada recently announced that huffing is Aaron Carter’s drug of choice. “Involves inhaling (or ‘huffing’) fumes from your everyday run-of-the-mill household products, such as glue, cleaning products or paint. This huffing produces a high that is similar to the effects of alcohol.”

The authorities of Lancaster, California, dispatched both police and fire rescue teams to Carter’s home in response to the fans’ life-threatening cries. When the emergency responders arrived on the scene, it took some time for Carter to answer their knocks at the door.

Law enforcement officials questioned Carter as soon as they arrived. However, he claimed that the reason it took him a while to get to the door was that he had been asleep – not huffing various chemicals in an attempt to get high. After conducting their welfare check, authorities reported that they did not find any evidence of drug abuse in Carter’s home. They also didn’t find anything that suggested the singer had attempted suicide.

In a previous post online, Carter revealed that he had been diagnosed with various mental health conditions, including schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, and anxiety.

After Carter went around his home spraying an air freshener in a video and dubbing himself the “Troll hunter,” he caused quite an uproar online. He sprayed what appeared to be an air freshener as he went around his house in the video. Carter did not appear to be suffering from a psychotic episode or mental health breakdown, despite reports that he had been trolling celebrities because he later informed the celebrity news site TMZ that he was “tired of people coming after me, so I trolled everybody.”

Carter is currently engaged in a custody battle with his nine-month-old son. To work on himself, he went to an outpatient rehabilitation facility.

Carter said: “It’s an abstinence program, and I work with an individual counselor. I do group therapy, parenting classes, domestic violence classes, I got myself certified in CPR, just a lot of different things,’ he continued,’ It’s new being a parent, but it’s actually become really fun and exciting and given me a new chapter of my life. It’s been amazing.”