Many people have heard about counterfeit money being passed from stores to customers and from one person to another without knowing that the money is fake. Now, there are numerous fake $100 bills that are being circulated across the country. There are a few ways that you can spot them so that you don’t end up with fake money.

The money has been made for movies. It’s been passed around in at least one area of eastern Tennessee. Police departments have received numerous reports from stores of customers trying to use the fake bills. There is a clear statement on the front of the bill that states that the money is to be used in movies.


There is another statement on the back of each bill that says the money is not legal tender. One would think that people would read these statements, but when they have $100, they sometimes don’t pay attention to what is written on the money.

Officers want people to pay close attention to large denominations that they get until all of the money is out of circulation. Those who believe they have counterfeit money can take it to a bank or a police department to have it examined.

“The phony notes in $100 denominations were recuperated from the bank’s safe space.”

A Reuters witness saw a crowd collected outside the branch on Tuesday, screaming madly and requiring officers expose their identities.

Barclays Kenya, part of South Africa’s Absa Group, validated on Tuesday that authorities had actually taken phony currency from a consumer’s deposit box, and stated it was not the bank’s cash which it was complying with the examination.

“The client had actually hidden phony currency in his individual safe deposit box versus the bank’s guidelines and guidelines that include constraints of products which can be kept in the safe deposit box,” it stated in a declaration.

The seizure comes at a time when legislators are promoting the execution of changes to banking laws that would unwind the extensive requirements for tape-recording deals above $10,000.

The reserve bank has stated the modifications might weaken efforts to deal with loan laundering, funding of terrorism and profits from a criminal offense.

Many individuals have actually become aware of fake cash being passed from shops to clients and from someone to another without understanding that the cash is phony. Now, there are many phony $100 costs that are being distributed throughout the nation. There are a couple of manner ins which you can identify them so that you do not wind up with phony cash.

The cash has actually been produced motion pictures. It’s been circulated in a minimum of one location of eastern Tennessee. Authorities departments have actually gotten many reports from shops of consumers attempting to utilize the phony expenses. There is a clear declaration on the front of the costs that states that the cash is to be utilized in motion pictures.

There is another declaration on the back of each expense that states the cash is illegal tender. One would believe that individuals would check out these declarations, however when they have $100, they in some cases do not take note of what is composed on the cash.

Officers desire individuals to pay very close attention to big denominations that they get up until all of the cash runs out flow. Those who think they have actually counterfeit loan can take it to a bank or an authorities department to have it analyzed.

A lawsuit challenging the application of the modifications is because of be heard on March 29.