Because body piercing and tattooing is considered a form of art, there’s nothing wrong with it. Despite the fact that many people still object to this notion, the trend has been gradually embraced. People may now have tattoos and piercings without fear of being viewed as terrible individuals, even though both males and females nowadays can do so. It is an example of self-expression, which people appreciate.

We’ve seen a lot of different body piercings and tattoo fashions throughout the years. What’s the most unusual bodily piercing you’ve ever seen?

Some people find piercings attractive and fashionable, while others make you cringe and give you the heebie-jeebies. A rising body piercing fad may or may not harm your eyes, literally – surgically inserted jewelry into the eyes!

Yes, it’s true. In fact, one New York woman became quite well-known a few years ago after she had a heart-shaped piece of platinum jewelry transplanted into her eye. Lucy Luckayanko didn’t mind paying $3,000 for the surgery. She wasn’t sorry about it either.

Dr. Emil Chynn, a New York-based eye surgeon, conducted the operation. According to sources, the doctor carried out the procedure in front of a floor-to-ceiling glass window on Park Avenue in Manhattan, with passersby able to witness it all.

The procedure was described as “very quick” by Dr. Adrienne Maxwell, who performed the surgery on a 10-year-old girl from United Arab Emirates. The doctor explained that it was a very simple operation, but it was also quite complicated. To cut a small membrane covering the white portion of the eye, the doctor used a tiny pair of scissors.

The incision was so tiny that it did not need any stitches.

Dr. James Camacho, a Las Vegas eye surgeon, has been waiting for a patient to get the first SafeSight Eye Jewelry for years. Nobody had done so until Lucy came along. He was sure she was the right choice because “She’s Russian. She’s over-the-top.”

The surgeon originally hoped to operate on a celebrity during a live television broadcast, but he was disappointed when he met Lucy. He claimed that she was beautiful and assured the media that they would notice her. He wished that after it aired on TV, popularize the trend and persuade the public that what they were doing was safe and simple.

The public, on the other hand, did not readily accept it. However, another customer came to him later to have a SafeSight Eye Jewelry procedure done. And this time he was able to film himself performing the operation. In 2018, Skyler, a patient, chose to have a 3mm by 4mm star-shaped platinum ring implanted into her eye.

After five years since Lucy Luckayanko’s surgery, the cost of the SafeSight Eye Jewelry has risen from $3,000 to $5,000. Skyler happily paid the $5,000-worth of body piercing. And just as with previous SafeSight Eye Jewelry treatments, Skylers’ lasted for a few minutes. She is one of three individuals in the United States who have had this cosmetic improvement after using it.