A throuple is questioning the idea of “it takes a village to raise a child” and opening up a discussion about parenting as a unit. A woman shared a TikTok video announcing her pregnancy. The unique situation involves her, her husband, and her husband’s girlfriend all having a baby together.

The pregnant woman, who is 30 weeks along, shared that she and her husband are in a polyamorous relationship with another woman, whom she also dates. Her husband and she have been married for 14 years and are involved with other people aside from the woman in the video. However, they have chosen her to be the third parent of their upcoming baby.

Although some viewers had a genuine curiosity about how this setup could function, others were highly critical of it. Some claimed that the baby was being abused, while others made sarcastic comments regarding the parenting style’s effectiveness.

According to the video, the woman stated that she was not concerned about revealing her relationship on TikTok because she had done it before. She reportedly had a previous TikTok where she shared stories about her experiences with a polyamorous relationship which was later removed due to multiple reports.

However, there is a notable difference this time as many comment section users are showing support for the couple and applauding their honesty. Some even expressed regret for not having the opportunity to have three caregivers to raise them when they were young.

The situation involving the throuple raises questions about unconventional family structures and societal norms. It’s important to recognize that everyone has the right to love and form their own family unit, as long as it’s consensual and legal. Criticizing the throuple is unwarranted, and it’s refreshing to see them being open and honest about their relationships. We wish them the best with their new family member.