In a startling revelation, a former employee of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has shed light on the ludicrous diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training allegedly enforced upon staff members. The expose, detailed exclusively to Breitbart News, unveils the disturbing nature of these woke indoctrination sessions.

According to the whistleblower, portions of the training aimed to demonize the concept of whiteness, equating it with negativity. Participation in these sessions, the source claimed, was not optional; it was a prerequisite for retaining one’s job within Willis’ office. “Failure to comply with the quiz resulted in termination,” the source disclosed.

The brave individuals within the DA’s office who dared to speak out chose to remain anonymous, citing fears of reprisal within what they described as a “corrupt” and “hostile work environment.” They allege that DEI training was spearheaded by Willis herself, accusing her of injecting racism into the workplace since her tenure began.

One insider revealed that Willis had engaged a former member of the Obama administration for an exhaustive eight-hour session. “Willis subjected us to an extensive session conducted by a former Obama aide,” they disclosed.

The training purportedly propagated the narrative that the United States was founded on the oppression of indigenous peoples by white settlers. “Under the guise of diversity training, Willis orchestrated a thinly veiled assault on racial harmony,” one source claimed.

Another troubling aspect of the training involved a task where participants were required to label a white person as “bad” to progress. “It was a manipulative exercise where you had to associate the image of a white individual with negativity to proceed,” the anonymous source explained.

According to recent reports, additional whistleblowers within Fani Willis’ office have come forward with damning allegations against the DA. The American Tribune has learned that Jim Jordan has commented on an ongoing collaboration with a whistleblower who was terminated by Willis after raising concerns about financial impropriety.

The ordeal further escalated during a mid-February court appearance involving DA Willis and her partner Nathan Wade. Witnesses recount a heated moment where Willis accused Wade of misogyny, prompting a courtroom outburst.

As the controversy surrounding Willis continues to unfold, questions arise about her suitability for office. Should she be removed? It’s a question that demands attention in light of these concerning revelations.